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 Atlantis Earth[Semi lit+ canine RP]

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PostSubject: Atlantis Earth[Semi lit+ canine RP]   Wed Dec 18, 2013 2:27 pm

Atlantis Earth is a brand new semi literate+ canine RP. The minimum word count is 200 words. At AE you can start off with either a wolf or dog but you can earn other species. As the site only just opened there are still high ranks available and we are looking for mods!

Before it disappeared beneath the the surface of the ocean Atlantis was said to be an a peaceful and utopian island. Many believe it now to lay at the bottom of the ocean, a paradise for the life underwater but none of this is true. The island never sank, it still remains above the surface. The humans left it decades ago while the animals remained. It is a paradise not to fish but to canines. How they got here is unknown but here they are, living on his huge island unknown to mankind. The city of Atlantis lies in ruins while the animals around it thrive. An utopia had it not been ravaged by war, a war between two packs.

Once a single large and mighty pack reigned this forest but they came upon hard times. Food grew scarce, the canines grew lean and with their hunger grew their anger. Finally a large group of wolves left the pack thinking they would find prey in a different forest. They had no success so soon later they came running back to their old pack thinking that they would be welcomed back and things would continue as if nothing had happened. Alas things did not go to plan for these wolves, their old pack considered them to be traitors and did not allow them to return to the pack. Together they had been known as the Azzak pack but now they called themselves Naharis and Kezmya. Naharis the ones whom had stayed, Kezmya those whom had left.

The hard times have passed prey is abundant, the only trouble in the forest is caused by the wolves themselves. The packs have developed a feeling of hostility towards each other and fights break out often. The packs grow larger and the territory does not seem to be quite large enough for the two to stay at a distance from each other. Eventually what had been building up for so long occurred, a full on battle. Before it had just been occasional scuffles at the borders with no more than injuries but in this battle many wolves lost their lives. The victor of the battle was the Naharis pack however though victorious the battle had lowered their numbers severely.

What neither of the packs had known until now was that a third pack had formed on the island. Some loners had gotten together and founded a pack of the name Yerizhan. The majority remaining members of the kezmya pack fled to join the yerizhan pack while a few actually went to join naharis. In their time of need the naharis welcomed their old pack mates back to them once more. The yerizhan moved to inhabit the old kezmya territory so in a way they became the new kezmya. Once again there was hostility between the packs. There has not been a second battle however tension is high.

Atlantis over water, Atlantis on earth might seem like a paradise but due to the canines that inhabit the island it is not. Not only is their tension between packs but in some cases between species too, wolves often see themselves as superior to dogs. Loners and pack members alike are affected by the tension. Will there be peace this time around or will another battle ruin the peace? Can canines continue to thrive on the island or will they end up killing each other and becoming extinct?

Benevolent and malevolent alike the choice is in your paws fight for the peace or fight each other?
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Atlantis Earth[Semi lit+ canine RP]
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