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 Skena Bendigiedfran

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PostSubject: Skena Bendigiedfran   Thu Dec 19, 2013 1:20 pm

Name: Skena Bendigiedfran
Meaning: Blessed Raven
Nickname: Skena/Raven
Breed: Canis lupus (Grey wolf)
Age: 3 years
Sex: female
Personality: Sarcastic, sassy, and closed off. She may seem cold hearted. It's hard for her to trust and look to the brighter side of life. Can be freindly and very loyal. Skena is watchful and intent. If she gets ticked will blow off steam. She secretly wishes for a family that'll accept her.
Alignment: pure at heart/ overall neutral/ was dark in the past
Motto: Never give them a leverage, then they'll use it and shatter your life forever

Coat Color: Black
Eye Color: silver
Height: 30''
Weight: 110 ibs
Body Form: larger and stronger than most females, but still very much lean and fast
Scars: few hidden beneath fur on flank, but must hurtful is the one on her heart

Partner: Domhnull, but no more
Welps: NA
Challegers: ?
Followers: NA
Pack Rank: Gama- will lead if must, will follow if must, will be lone if must/ currently loner

Life Story: Skena was always a loner. She never knew her birth parents, who left her in the forest alone. She constantly traveled from pack to pack, never quite fitting in, never being fully accepted. When she was 1, she ran off to explore her own adventure, and commonly came known to be a thief. On the road she had came across another loner such as herself, and she thought she fell in love. She was horribly mistaken, at least, in her opinion. Domhnull left her behind when she desperately needed his help in a theft, leaving her to the mercy of the pack's alphas, but she did escape without being overly scathed. After that, Skena closed off her heart from the world, Becoming as she is today, cold, watchful, and untrusting. She takes out those that've done bad things, so she's like a bounty hunter. She hopes to find a pack that'll accept her, so she travels...
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Skena Bendigiedfran
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