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PostSubject: Blade's Profile   Sat Jul 04, 2009 10:44 am

X.General Information.X
Formal Curse: Akkanatrum
Means: n/a
Title[s]: n/a
Alias: Blade
Decent: Gray Wolf
Age: 3
Gender: Male
Persona: He was an outcast by all packs encountered. Perhaps his past caused this, or maybe his personality. He's the kind to watch things quietly, and join in only when asked. Though he appears shy, he actually isn't. He is a genius in strategy and planning, though hot-headed at times. His build makes him so that he can't fight efficiently, but with his mind, it's difficult to bring him down. Also, he is serious most of the time and was mature since a young age, rarely playing as a pup. Blade is generally cold towards other wolves, for they are a reminder of his birth pack, but will save any pup from danger. Akkanatrum was his original name, but he abandoned it, and used the name Blade, for it was a symbol for many things.
Heart: presently, a light darkness
Motto: Life isn’t a game

X.Physical Traits.X
Peltage Hue: grays, tans, whites, balcks
Occualr Hue: orange
Stands: 3’17”
Weighs: 105lbs
Form: Blade's not stocky. Rather, he's lean, as well as being swift and agile. Some would even go as far as calling his muscles feminine-like in humans’ slang.
Physical Distortions: a small scar on his side, although quite hidden

X.Family Tree.X
Sire: doesn’t acknowledge one alive
Dame: doesn’t acknowledge one alive
Brothers: doesn’t acknowledge any
Sisters: doesn’t acknowledge any
Partner: Interested in Petra, but hasn't declared outloud
Whelps: n/a
Challengers: n/a
Minions: n/a
Rank: Lead Spy, Hunter, Pupsitter (as far as I saw from the MSN groups... Correct me if inaccurate)

Life Story:
He was born unusual from the rest of the pups because of his appearance and personality, and some even feared his knack to quickly understand things. His appearance was 'unnatural' because that pack only accepted wolves that were mostly white for blending into the snow better. Snowy mountains causes the hearts of some packs to turn against variety, including this one, so Akkanatrum was thrown out. Soon after, another wolf pack invaded, decimating all other packs in sight, picking up the loners and pups. The mountain, too, made Akkanatrum's heart cold, and he called himself Blade, joining the rouge pack in killing only the wolves that resemble his birth pack. Then, he started getting many ideas and plan to defeat the wolves he joined hurting the pups, and he was feared, so Blade ran away to eventually turn up here.
Place of Birth: Elliptical Mountains

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Blade's Profile
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