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 Tristan Vigo Casian

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PostSubject: Tristan Vigo Casian   Sat Jul 04, 2009 12:09 pm

Name: Tristan Vigo Casian - goes by Tristan
Nickname- Allows those close to him to call him Tristy.
Age- 6, nearing 7 years
Gender- Male
Bloodlines- Timberwolf

Appearance Summary- Tall, long, built. Tristan used to be the definition of his
kind. After a run in with an angry bull moose, his left back leg remains lifted off
the ground and he walks with a hitched limp. His right eye is gone after a losing
battle with a former wolf of Damean Jagger's pack. The scars on his face can be
seen just beneath the fur. He is not narcissistic, but he prefers to keep his frame
in top condition, regardless of hindrances.
Personality Summary- Tristan is a proud bru, but knows humility as well. He
used to be of a purer neutrality, but since his past experiences and losses, he
has been debating his stance in the world. His sense of humor is somewhat dry,
but he prefers to keep serious in most situations. In recent times, he has grown
angry at himself for failing to commit the most basic things to memory, such as
family names and friends. He feels as though he has failed and disgraced his
family by not even knowing their names.

Parents- Cannot now remember.
Siblings- Matthew (brother) and a sister (deceased) whose name he doesn't
Courting- He courts no one at this time.
Mate- None now.
Children- A pup, Marcie, adopted by him and his former mate. Stolen by a
wolf from Damean's pack.

History- None that is important to him now. The most he feels any
wolf needs to know is about his scars and his hesitation to join those of the
light or the darkness. He hopes now to seek guidance from Kaia and take the
path best suited of him. He carries his rear left leg high and off the ground after
an unfortunate run in with a bull moose, and is missing his right eye after he tried
to take back his daughter from Damean's grasp. His minion, Rawbones, attacked
him and tore out his optic from its socket. He is not ashamed of his scars and
will proudly explain their origins, so long as someone asks before he has to tell.
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Tristan Vigo Casian
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