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 Bushdog, Jaguar and Otter RP {- MoC!

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PostSubject: Bushdog, Jaguar and Otter RP {- MoC!   Sat Feb 01, 2014 6:09 pm

March of Claws - Otter Roleplay

MoC is an easy, no wait for acceptance, freeform, optional set your own word count and maturity level (mature boards marked with [mature], our host is okay with non-graphic softcore mature content) role-play forum. Otter, jaguar, crocodile, and bush dog (they are canines, related to wolves) roleplay, with South American animals being the main focus. Play-style should be familiar to anyone who has done wolf, horse, lion, or warrior cats.

With our unique NPC system, you can breed and control entire armies, and also play savage war RPs without having to deal with fussy players who don't want to risk their character dying until they are ready (or for those who simply want to have awesome war plots with high death counts!). We are  on the more realistic side, no magic, and with many territories free to claim. Otters are vastly under-appreciated social animals, and giant otters are apex predators the size of wolves; it's no wonder they are nicknamed 'river wolves'!

We currently have very few members, having only just opened (only just started RPing!), but, don't let that stop you; we don't bite, really, and there is no wait and hassle to joining, or if you are really leery just drop a hello in the chat. I, Pfft, am on pretty much every day.

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Bushdog, Jaguar and Otter RP {- MoC!
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