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 Midnight's Profile

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The Shadows


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PostSubject: Midnight's Profile   Sun Feb 02, 2014 10:25 pm

General Information
Formal Name: Midnight
Meaning: Named for her father, Night.
Alias/Nickname: Usually called Midnight, friends or mate would be allowed to call her Mid.
Breed: Timber wolf and Red wolf
Age: 2 years
Sex: Female
Personality: Midnight was once vi
Motto: "Everything that kills me makes me feel alive."

Physical Traits
Coat Color: Black (hints of brown)
Eye Color: Amber
Height: 60 cm.
Weight: 60 lbs.
Body Form: Midnight is small and lithe, and very fast and agile. Speed is her main skill due to her size and form.
Physical Distortions/Scars: One scar across her right hind leg.

Family Tree
Partner: Looking for one.
Whelps: No pups yet ):
Challengers: None yet.
Followers: ?
Pack Rank: She's a loner.

Life Story:  Born to hatred, Midnight was one of 4 pups born into Blood Pack. Her mother was taken by Blood Pack while she was pregnant and then killed once Midnight and her siblings were weaned. Her father was murdered before she was born. She and her siblings were taken "care" of by Blood Pack. They trained harshly under the Alpha. Once the pups were a year and a half old, the Alpha of Blood Pack, Darkness, told the pups that they would survive only if they killed their siblings. "Fight now!" he howled.

 Midnight's siblings did nothing. But Midnight, known then as black pup, jumped onto her gray sibling seeing that a Blood Pack wolf was about to kill them. Midnight was only pretending to hurt her siblings, but two, the cowards of the litter, just swallowed berries to kill themselves. One pup didn't eat a berry. She jumped onto Midnight but was quickly flipped over and attacked by her stronger sister. Midnight killed her sister quickly and easily, so the pup would feel no pain, and pass on quickly. "Black pup wins!" Darkness howled. A chorus of other bloodcurdling howls joined in. Midnight held back whines and quickly realized that being remorseful wasn't going to be tolerated. Midnight's remorse turned into anger.

After the "celebration", all the wolves went to sleep. Except for Midnight. Midnight sneaked out while all the wolves were asleep. She quietly entered the Alpha's den. That night, Midnight attempted to kill Darkness, the Alpha. She fought hard and gave Darkness scars but never managed to kill him. She ran off and became a loner to escape, but Blood Pack never left her. They all wanted to kill her like her mother and father. Blood Pack members followed her, attacking her until they were scared off by the murder of one of their own, by Midnight. But other things besides Blood Pack never left her either. Her past and hate and anger followed her everywhere. 
Place of Birth: Born in the north.
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Midnight's Profile
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