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 Fae Lupe Profiles

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Character Profile

Full Name: Fae Darkova

Reason: Her mother always told her she was flighty in the head.

Nickname: Fae

Breed: Arctic Wolf

Occupation: None as of yet


Physical Appearance:

Age: 2 years

Ocular Color: Light Gold

Pelt Color: Snow White

Body Build: She's very slender. Having been moving for so long she almost looks underfed. Her coat is white, she doesn't like to actually be dirty.

Distinguising Marks: None

Favorite Memory: Going fishing with her father before his passing.
Least Favorite: Getting stuck in a net.
Hobbies: Learning anything she can. Fishing. Telling stories to pups.
How do they spend a rainy day? If she's able to see pups, she loves them dearly, she loves to sit and tell them stories of adventure, scary ghost stories, or whatever they are asking from her.

Are they a daredevil or cautious: Fae is VERY cautious. She doesn't go out of her way to test her life time left on this earth.
Do they act differently alone then with someone else: She acts very differently around wolves she knows, doesn't know, pups. Everything is a factor in her behavior. Males or Females too.
Most at ease: When she's snuck with her nose in the dirt sniffing around and listening to the world.
Most uneasy when: Males talk to her.
Self Image: She sees herself as a target. A female, never mated, her mother warned her about what that means and her father was along on that band wagon.
Optimist or Pessimist: She's very Optimistic with most of things that happen in life.
Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert mostly unless she really gets to know someone.
Habits: --
Greatest Strength: Her calming nature in a panic moment.
Greatest Weakness: Fear of males
Soft Spot: Pups. The thought of love.

Birth Pack: Unknown
Mother: Deceased
Father: Deceased
Type of puphood growing up: She was loved for and cared for. Being the only one from her litter to live through the harsh cold winter, she was treated like a spoiled only child. She got to go on adventures with her father and was able to learn things with her mother.
Siblings: None
Mate: --
Pups: --
History: Soon to be completed
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Fae Lupe Profiles
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