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 victory's contagious

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PostSubject: victory's contagious   Mon Mar 31, 2014 7:32 pm

}{ You can try and take us, but we're the gladiators }{

As time seemed to fall from the grasp of the female, her totaled eyes scanned along the dusky barren land. With night fading slowly and the morning soon to be coming, she would not have much time to stay cool as she did along the nights. The sun acted as if it was the ruler of the land; a dictatorship. It seemed to be like the sun had ordered that all those that were not strong enough to live in the dry land during his portion of the day while reigning will die. But Kathleen was smarter than the dictator. She would roam around the land during the night. The moon was like the person that hated the dictatorship. He would shield those that was impacted for as long as he could, until the sun forced him away. The duo would go back and forth, and back and forth; but, there was no 'until'. Most assumed that it would keep going, but what if they were wrong? What if the sun or moon would do something about it? Only being a peasant of the wasteland, Kathleen had no time to question herself over silly shenanigans. The sun would resume his position and force the moon away in a few hours, it seemed.

At a good pace, enough to make her go without tiring quickly, the female would need to find water before the sun could erupt his dictatorship all over the barren wastelands. Kathleen knew that it was better to drink water now than waiting and drinking every once in a while. In order to find water, it would probably be best to dig. After minutes passed, the obsidian Timber wolf decided that finding a pond was not to be realistic today and she began digging. The female dug at the dry and grainy ground, pushing what she gained behind her as far as she could. As the small grains seemed to keep continuing to refill the hopeful water source, Kathleen started to quicken herself, until a small pool of water appeared into the hole. It seems I've gotten very lucky. Swiftly, the obsidian black wolf lapped up all of the droplets from the morsel of water. She felt satisfied, but it would definitely not be enough to get her through all of the sun's reign. Until then, she would need to find a place stay out of the beating sun. Then, once she rested from her night travels, she would then go on to look for more water. Prey would help, but there would be too much energy into it. With her eyes looking toward the sun, seeing the few hours she had left, she then drew herself to a walk, her non-perked ear twitching along the sounds.

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PostSubject: Re: victory's contagious   Thu Apr 03, 2014 1:01 pm

The young bruja had been tracking the pawprints for most the half the day and most the night. It wasn't something he was required to do but living out here gave limited options for adventure. The scent was definitely female and she was definitely alone. He wasn't following her for the clan, wasn't following her with any real intention but hey who knows what would happen? Desidius was a young bru but was slowly coming into his own more so than his brother who was definitely behind in the mature category. The night air was cool but he felt the humidity rising with the sun so close to the horizon. He had tracked the female for a good while and she seemed to have no intention of leaving the desert. There were plenty of lush packlands around here and usually wolves didn't linger long like this. Usually they were too weak to survive here. Perhaps it was good then that he was tracking her, if she planned to linger than he would have to inform his father Despair. Despair didn't like it when they lingered too long, though his territorial instinct was far less severe than some alphas from the greenlands.

Cresting a dune he finally saw the she wolf. Instinctively he flattened himself all the better to observe. She was a good ways in the distance and he saw her hesitation when she stopped. Mostly likely unsure of which way to go...but then she started digging. His head perked up as he continued to watch her. Surely she wasn't doing what he thought she was. But when he saw her bend over eagerly to drink he couldn't help the lopsided smirk that appeared on his mug. Few wolves knew about thing like that. Fewer had the fortitude or luck to find the right spot. For some reason this was pleasing to him, though he couldn't say why. Tracking her all this way had made him restless and the sun would soon be rising. Looking up he measured the time and once satisfied looked back to the female and started off at a good clip. 

To run in the desert is a unappreciated art. It was a skill of endurance and technique but having been born here Desidius did it with ease and he flowed over the sands like the wind, though he made sure not to look too aggressive lest he scare her off. Though she didn't seem the wolf to scare easy. Once he was close enough he yipped his arrival, tipping her off though she probably had already seen him. Mostly flat land and all that.

"Hello!" He called while slowing to a stop nearby. "Good days to you traveler." He said somewhat formally. He wondered if she was hostile..

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victory's contagious
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