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 a lonely ghost

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PostSubject: a lonely ghost   Wed Jul 02, 2014 12:55 am

Formal Name: Phantom
Breed:arctic wolf

Physical Traits
Coat Color:pure white. like soft feathers or fresh fallen snow
Eye Color: gold
Height: 31 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 70 kg
Body Form: very tall and muscular
Physical Distortions/Scars: jagged claw marks on his back

Family Tree
Partner: none
Whelps: none
Challengers: he travels alone so no one challenges him
Followers: he dislikes company
Pack Rank: he is a rogue

Life Story: his mother abandoned him and his brothers at a very young age and they were taken in by a clan. they were cruel, and treated him and his brothers harshly. they had to eat last, often getting nothing at all. then one day, a powerful arctic wolf came and offered to take him in and train him to be powerful. Phantom trained day and night becoming even more powerful than his mentor. his mentor amassed a clan and he was the second in command and very popular. but his mentor felt threatened and exiled him from the clan. in a fit of rage, Phantom murdured him and half the clan and left, a lonely ghost of his past self
Place of Birth: some where in the lone lands
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a lonely ghost
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