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 Ranks Form

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PostSubject: Re: Ranks Form   Ranks Form Icon_minitimeMon Aug 17, 2009 2:29 am

Silent, this is the ranking information from my old site, Wolves of the Moon, which you are free to use/modify as you like! I hope it's alright that I use it for Tirisfal, if not you may let me know.

Royal Court:

Alpha / King / Dragga / Alphen / Lead Hessian / High Lead
Alphaess / Queen / Drappa / Alphena / Lead Femora / High Lady

You are the leader of the wolf pack. You are the most dominant male or female in the pack. You are either the strongest, the smartest, the fastest or the wittiest, and you must be able to ward off challengers. You have full control of the pack, and you make all the rules and decisions, while also keeping the pack organized and protected. Both alphas are mated. There is only one male and one female position for the alpha.

Heir / Royal Children / Ward

Often times, the lead pair are mated and will breed when the season is right, and they will be left with a litter of whelps. These are known as the Royal Children. Usually one out of the bunch will be chosen as an Heir to succeed their parents when the time comes. During their youth, the Royal Children, or Wards, are raised by the Alphen pair, as well as many of the pack wolves. Any whelp that is adopted by the Alphen pair may also become a Ward, or an Heir to the throne. The number of Wards depends upon the Alphen, but there can be only one Heir.

King's Advisor / Queen's Advisor / Heir's Advisor

There are several positions for the rank of Advisor; one for the King, one for the Queen, and one for the chosen Heir. You are obviously seen as someone very important, trusthworthy and intelligent by the Royal family, and they have added you to their Court. You have a way with words and you are brutally honest. However, it is up to the Alpha or Heir whether or not they choose to listen to your words of wisdom.

King's Spy / Queen's Spy / Heir's Spy

The King, Queen and Heir may each have their own, personal Spy, should they choose to appoint one. If you are chosen, you are highly skilled, and the Royals have recognized this, and added you to their Court. You go on missions appointed to you by one of the Royals. You are good at picking up on details, you remember things easily by sight, sound and scent and you know how to differentiate between useful and useless information, and you do not waste the Royal's time with petty observations.

High Court:

Beta Male / High Deputy / Second Commander
Beta Female / High Deputess / Second Commandtress

You are the second lead of the pack, as well as the replacement should something happen to the alphas. When the alphas must be absent, you take on all of their duties and you are trusted to do them right. When the alphas are around, you help them with their duties and keep the pack in line. You are the most trusted by the alphas, and you support them and all of their decisions. There is one position each for male and female.

Delta Male / Deputy / Third-in-Command
Delta Female / Deputess / Third-in-Commandtress

Like the Betas, you are very trusted by the Alphens, and when neither the rulers nor their second commanders are available, the pack falls to you. You are responsible for all of the same things that the Betas are, but they are merely higher ranking and more trusted. There is one position each for male and female.

Gamma Male / Gamma Female / Zeptic

Like the Beta and the Delta, you are very highly trusted; however, your duty is not to run the pack. Your duty is to guard it with your life, especially the Royal family. In a way, you are much like body guards to the King, Queen and Heir. They are your highest concern, though the pack counts on your protection as well, just not as much. There is one position each for male and female.

Sigma / Healer / Medicine Wolf

Sigma - Your job in the pack is to heal. You are very experienced with flowers, plants, trees, herbs, ect. and you know the land very well. Usually you care for the young and old if there are none hurt or sick. There is one position only. It is usually recommended that you have no mate or whelps; there is simply no time. The pack is your responsibility before all else.

Amah - You are much like an apprentice to the Sigma, going about collecting herbs and learning all you can from the Sigma. Unlike the Sigma, there is an unlimited amount of positions. If chosen as the Sigma's 'heir', it is best you focus on your work rather than romantic bonds, though they are still important. As with the Sigma, the pack comes first.

Shaman / Elder / Ancient

You are the retired wolves of the group. Nothing is required of you, as you have served the pack for many years, and it is your time to rest and relax. However, you are often called upon for stories by the young of the pack, and as Advisors to the Alphen, for you are more experienced than any other wolf in the pack. Other than that, you are fed and taken care of by the younger members of the pack.

Elite Soldiers / Soldiers / Fighters / Conquerors

War Chieftan - You are the lead of the fighting unit. You lead the warriors into battle alongside the alpha. One position only.

Colonol - You are the trainer of the fighters. You teach the warriors battle moves, strategies, skills, etc. The Chieftan's assistant. One position only.

Warriors - You are the unit of fighters that has come to be respected by the pack. You are strong and skilled, and have more experience than the raiders. You guard caches of food, watch prisoners, go into battle with the alpha, and raid other packs when commanded.

Raiders - Your strength and skill is still developing. You have many of the same duties as the Warriors, but you have not yet gained the respect of the pack. You help guard caches of food, go into battle with the alpha, and raid other packs for food, prisoners and anything else valuable.

Trainees - You are the younger bunch of the fighters, under one year of age, and are still in training. Your tasks are not difficult or dangerous due to your small, growing body. You are mostly involved with defending the territory and honing your skills.



Lead Guardian - You are the lead Guardian of the group. You work alongside the Gammas and Alphen to make sure that the pack is protected. Your duty is to make sure that the Royal family is protected if there are no Gammas, and if there are, then you watch over the pack. You also train aspiring Guards. One position only.

Guardians - You are the main bunch of Guardians. The Royal family is not your specific concern; leave that to the Lead Guardian and the Gammas. Your job is to protect the lower-ranked pack wolves, watch over prisoners alongside the Raiders, and protect the borders alongside Scouts. Unlimited positions.

Theta / Hunter / Huntress / Food Conquerer

Huntsmaster - You are the most skilled hunter and tracker. You lead the other hunters, and you choose when, where and which prey to hunt. One position only.

Hunters - You are the hunters of the group, and more skilled than other wolves at running, tracking and sneaking up on prey. Unlimited positions.

Morsel Teacher / Mentor / Trainer

Lead Pupsitter - The best pupsitter in the pack, you have a lot of experience with whelps and all the teachings. You teach the basics of hunting, fighting, scouting, leading and playing of course. You are the pup's guardian, protector, teacher and secondary mother.

Den Mother - Very important, as you are the barer of the whelps. This is not a permanent rank, and you can have your rank back as soon as your whelps are old enough to find their own den. Until then, they are your responsibility and will take up too much time for you to perform your given duties.

Pupsitters - You are the basic bunch of pupsitters. You love pups, and you work closely with the Amah who watch the youth's health. You are the pup's guidance and playmate when others are too busy.


Kappa / Scout / Tracker / Spy

Lead Scout - You are the lead scout of the group, and are responsible for updating the Alphen on current news. You tell your spies where to go, when, and what information to gather, then transfer the information to your leader. One position only.

Scouts - You are the spies. You sneak around enemy territory and discover secrets, weaknesses, plots and anything else you can find. You are very familiar with the territory, and surrounding lands, and you watch for intruders or newcomers. Unlimited positions.


Lead Assassin - You are the most skilled sneak and murderer, and you make clean kills without a trace. You take your orders from only the Alphen, as your job can get dirty, and stir trouble with other packs. The jobs handed to you are the most important, and require the skills of only the best. Only one position.

Temptationers - You are highly skilled decievers, sent by the Alphen into enemy territory to draw wolves away from the pack's safety, leading them into ambush or imprisonment. You might even bring home a new pack member; sometimes you find wolves that are fragile-minded, and you can talk them into joining your pack and leaving their beliefs behind. Unlimited positions.

Assassins - You are sneaky, cold and calculating, and you love the thrill of murder. Like the Lead Assassin, you must take jobs from only the Alphen, lest you wish to stir unwanted trouble with enemy or neutral packs. Sometimes you will not be sent to murder though; sometimes you will be sent to steal, in a less obvious way than the Raiders. Unlimited positions.

Low Court:

Morsel / Whelpen / Puplings / Pups / Cubs / Whelps

You are the young of the pack, and though you are in the Low Court, you are extremely important to the pack's future, and you can expect to be protected to the death. The only real reason you are so low in the hierarchy is because you must learn to respect your elders, and those above you must be able to reprimand you without trouble from the Alphen. You are still sharpening your skills, playing and fooling around, and there is little seriousness in your life. However, not all is fun and games, and as you grow older, you will begin the most rigorous training of your life. Unlimited positions.

Upsilon / Sentries

If you own this rank, you are either a yearling without any specific skill, or you are newcomer awaiting placement. Being an Upsilon means that you do everything in the pack. You scout, hunt, take care of whelps, and do anything requested of you. You help out wherever you can, and do whatever you're told to do. The only wolf you don't answer to is the Sikla. Unlimited positions.

Sikla / Omega / Scapegoat

You are the lowliest, most cowardly scum in the pack. You are the weakest, and the Alphen doesn't see you fit for any rank in the pack, not even the Upsilon rank. Often times one gains this rank as punishment for betrayal or extreme cowardice. No matter your reason for gaining the rank, anyone is allowed to pick on you, and in any way they see fit; growling, snapping, wrestling, chasing away and even mounting are all forms of punishment you may have to endure.
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PostSubject: Ranks Form   Ranks Form Icon_minitimeSun Jul 05, 2009 3:20 am

Editing In Process.

.High Council.

Alpha Pair: They are the single leaders of the pack. They are the providers of stability and a idol for wolves to look to for guidance in stressful, weathered times, or even times of war. The alpha(s) make the decisions for the pack as a whole. They and they only accept who enters and lives within the pack. Each pack either has an alpha male, or female, sometimes both. When presented with both these wolves are mates and have mated for life. In a rare case there is a brother and sister who rule a pack together, but the power drive is sometimes to much. Alpha's are respected by all wolves within and outside of the packs. Each alpha in their own land respect the other alpha, even in times of war and hectic times. Allied packs have an even bigger bond and respect amongst each others alpha(s).
Alpha: The Male Leader.
Alphess: The Female Leader.
Military Rank: General
Royal Whelps: The young of the alpha male and female.

Betas: These wolves are the next in line to the alpha pair. If for any reason the alpha leaves the lands or is deceased for any reason, and there are no children old or wise enough to take their place the Beta(s) will take the role of alpha male/female. They work very closely with the Alphas to make sure each wolf knows his place. Beta's are known to be more war minded next to the alpha(s) they are well known for their ability to give advise better in times of war then in times of emotional needs. (sometimes, not all the time).
Beta: Male Deputy.
Betess: Female Deputy.
Military Rank: Colonel

Alpha Advisor: A close friend or chosen elder to aid the alpha in any situation. Most are known to aid in times of great stress for the alpha.
Alphess Advisor: ''

Sentinel: These wolves are known to stay close to the alpha or the alpha pair. And if they have young they are known to stay close to the family. Always scouting around the pair. They act and live like a normal wolf in the pack, this rank is secret, a personal guardian to the alpha kind and queen. When this wolf takes a mate, the rank is dropped, and the wolf will gain another rank within the pack.

.General Population.

Elders: Older wolves. Mostly used for story telling, to keep the history of packs alive and taught to the young.

Hunters: Usually this is the pack itself. All wolves within the pack can be listed here if rank is shown.

Shaman: Medicine wolf, some believe they are spiritual links, but that's just a myth, or is it? (This rank has a special link to the spirit world with the elders of healing. Silent is the ONLY one who has permission to grant this rank to someone.)

Healer: A healer with herbs and natural ways of life. There is no spiritual connection with these wolves (again, a rank earned, not given)
Healer Apprentice: ''

Scouts: A wolf who patrols the boarders at regular intervals. He/she must report directly to the alpha or alphess when there is a trespasser, they are not to intervene on their own.

Guardians: A wolf who is sent by alpha when a scout returns, or a fighter during the battles of packs. (ranks is the same in the military court)

Warriors: These wolves are the soldiers of the pack. They are trained to fight and are under the command of a higher up.

Caretaker: A trusted position to watch the whelps of the pack, this includes those of the alpha's when they two have a litter. Also includes caring for any sick, weak or injured wolves. This rank is essentially the nurse of the pack.


Omega: If ever handed out, this rank is give to the wolves who have bashed themselves to the lowest of levels. It's not a new wolf, nor is it the weakest, it is the stupid wolf who doesn't get the way of pack life. This wolf can be killed (of course by the permission of the rpers permission) or banned by the alpha(s).
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Ranks Form
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