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 Altsoba Fantasy RP

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PostSubject: Altsoba Fantasy RP   Wed Jul 16, 2014 9:41 pm

The God of Chaos, Altsoba, had plunged the world into ruins. Naming his new world and play thing after himself, he eagerly watched as the world crumbled and fell. The three species of animals were at war - a war that would rage for years and years. The land was being demolished and lives were lost daily. The avians in the mountains, the felines in the swamp, and the canines in the forest, they were no ordinary beasts, not anymore. They had magic coursing through their veins. With the other Gods powerless to assist the suffering creatures, the fate of the world is in their hands - your hands, stranger. Which path will you follow?

Altsoba is starting as a fun RP game, but will soon develop to include a number of mini-games to play in your browser, which will form together as part of a greater whole. You'll be able to pick your race, your class and begin in the world of adventure. The timeline for the game is unknown - but for now, feel free to join our quaint little site for some RP action! It's easy to join, just jump right in. We have a questions board for those who don't know how to start, or just jump into the chat and see if anyones there. We are open to all skill levels and are eager to meet you.

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Altsoba Fantasy RP
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