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 Suna The Angel Of Light

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PostSubject: Re: Suna The Angel Of Light   Suna The Angel Of Light Icon_minitimeThu Aug 14, 2014 10:00 pm

Welcome to the site great rp sample! Can't wait until you start roleplaying! Let us know if you have any questions. Smile
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PostSubject: Suna The Angel Of Light   Suna The Angel Of Light Icon_minitimeWed Aug 13, 2014 12:04 pm

*Sorry for any mistakes... Hope this is okay Smile*
General Information

Formal Name: Suna

Meaning:Angel of Light. *From what I looked up...*





Personality:Sweet and caring. He loves to help others at all times. He's strong willed and more then a little stubborn.

Alignment: Midnight Meadows

Motto: Alone we may be lost but together we stand tall. Follow my voice, Let me carry you away. I can see you're broken, But we're all the same

Physical Traits

Coat Color: Pure White

Eye Color: Blue-Grey

Height: 72 CM-28 Inches- 2.33333 feet.

Weight: Average.

Body Form: He has a broad build with long legs and a long tail.

Physical Distortions/Scars: Scars cover his body from his face to the tip of his tail. The scars are from fighting with large wild cats and a forest fire. Family Tree

Partner: None

Whelps: None

Challengers: None

Followers: None

Pack Rank: Guardian If I May?


 Suna The Angel Of Light Flat,550x550,075,f
Suna The Angel Of Light Tumblr_mpy545mgFc1s7i1rro1_500

Life Story:  Suna was born to the Beta's of his pack. He was first born and the only one who survived. He grew up to be a guardian within his pack. He was quite the charmer with the ladies but he refused to become their mate as he hadn't fallen in love with any of them but they fell in love with him.  He left his pack at the age of 2 in order to explore the lands. Also to get away from the females within his pack. (And his Parents) He wandered alone with a few females he had found on the way, three of them to be exact. After a while he got into a fight with the elder sister since he did not love her youngest sister. They fought and he ran of into the woods. 
The woods somehow caught on fire and he was burned drastically when he tried to escape. He met a healer within moments of the incident and he helped tend to Suna's wounds.  Suna has finally decided to join a pack at the age of 4. He hopes to be a strong wolf and help everyone he can. 

Place of Birth: o.o i dunno...

Example of my RolePlay: (Taken from another Wolf I RP on another site) *But Really my RP's are all the same... Written wise anyways Smile*
Rose wandered into the deep caverns quietly. She had heard much of the darkness that reigned in the place that she was in now. Her ear's flicked forward as she took each step into the winding caverns. Her eye's trained on what was in front of her, darkness; nothing but darkness. Her tail stayed low to the ground, keeping her balance just in case of anything that were to happen. Her white coat against the black slate walls was very easy to see when your eye's adjusted to the darkness. Her paws went forward and her thoughts were lost as she walked upon the sleek dark floor of the obsidian cavern. Her amber eye's chased the dark shadows that tried to scare her. It didn't work, she flicked her ears again in an attempt to shake the thoughts of being scared. 'Are you scared my dearest Rose? Of the darkness that is wrapped all around you?' The voice hissed in her mind, questioning her choice to come into the darkness for the reason of curiosity alone. She lowered her head to the ground, trying to pick up any scent whatsoever. She had heard that one shouldn't enter this place alone as you could get lost easily. Though Rose was confident that she wouldn't get too lost. 'I am not scared of anything! I shan't wander too far...I won't get lost.' She growled back at her thoughts, keeping an easy pace. The darkness seemed to swallow her small body. Her thoughts wanted to release a beast while she was in the darkest moment place of her life. She kept going in the silence that seemed to sing in her ears. 

Strength does not come from winning.  

For her to describe the darkness that swirled around her was difficult. It was as dark a black as ashes from a burnt forest, and just as creepy too. It at the least kept her attention on every little detail. Trying to memorize from that which she had come. Her paws sounded a marching rhythm as she went. Thud. Thud. Thud. You could hear the light steps throughout the cavern of darkness. Her heart skipped a beat as she heard a crash. Making her jump and run forward in an attempt to escape from whatever was behind her. 'Darkness consumes the soul, swirling with hate all around.' The thought pressed on, pestering her more with fear of the dark. The cavern was cold, but then again she was used to the cold. But the darkness was strong, and the fear of being followed was real. 'Hush! Darkness and Hate have no welcome in my heart!' She stared straight ahead, trying to push aside the troubling thoughts. She pushed on, one paw at a time. Her head held low to the ground, as if on guard for an attack. Her paws slide gracefully across the sleek ash-black ground beneath her. Her eye's kept open, blinking once in a while as she tried to see what would come her way. 

Your struggles develop your strengths. 

Her heart kept rhythm with her footsteps. Her mind kept at her, pestering her to turn back. But the fear of a monster chasing her kept her from doing so. She was lost and scared, but you would never be able to tell that she was afraid. Crash. Another sound behind her made her leap forward silently, charging into a run in order to escape. The sound's she thought she heard were nothing but the wind echoing through the caverns. She stretched quietly, her bones crackling gently. 'Are you going to let the hate and darkness in? their there, waiting for you to open the door. Open the door. Let them in.'She let loose a howl that could be heard as it echoed through the darkness. 'No! Hate and darkness are not welcome in my life!' With that she ran forward in an attempt to escape the dark voice in her mind. Her ears pulled against her head, her steps growing louder with a rage inside her as she tried to escape. 'Yes...Run. Run for your life, it depends on it. Run. Runaway and never return. Get lost deeper in the caverns and die here.' The voice of horror's echoed into her mind, but she pushed it aside by thinking of all she had to live for. Her pack, her family and friends. She must live and fight the darkness within herself and within this place. 'I shall run no longer! I shall face my fears and become a stronger wolf.' She hissed victoriously back towards the voice that was trying to overcome her with fear. She would not surrender to darkness and hate, she would not be the beast that it wanted her to be. No, she was strong and brave. She would be just fine and she would have all the courage in the world. She was facing her fears. She would prove to be better and stronger then she was now. She accepted death and sorrow, now she faced darkness and hate. She wouldn't run away anymore, she would stay strong and fight her fight.

When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.
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Suna The Angel Of Light
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