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 'Souls RPG: Original Post-Apocalyptic Werecanine RPG

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'Souls RPG

PostSubject: 'Souls RPG: Original Post-Apocalyptic Werecanine RPG   Sun Aug 17, 2014 8:20 pm

 RPG[/url] is an advanced writing, collaborative RPG set in
post-apocalyptic Eastern Canada, featuring canines and werecanines.
We've been going strong for over ONE DECADE, and we'd love for you to
[url=http://soulsrpg.com/forum/ucp.php?mode=register]join us[/url]![/b]

 have been gone since 1988, but the wildlife flourishes. Wolves, dogs,
coyotes, and jackals have gained a peculiar advantage: the ability to
take a humanoid form. They have become the [b]Luperci[/b] -- or not, in
some cases. Normal canines remain in many places, too.

'Souls has
 been consistently active [b]since 2001[/b]. Our community provides both
 a stimulating IC environment and a welcoming, fun OOC environment. The
game rating is PG-13, though marked mature content is permitted. Many
things -- packs with unique cultures, our RP Guide and huge Wiki, a
flourishing art community, and our [b]awesome members[/b] make 'Souls
what it is. We'd love for you to come
[url=http://soulsrpg.com/forum/ucp.php?mode=register]join us[/url]!

 | [url=http://www.soulsrpg.com/forum/]Forum[/url] |
[url=http://soulsrpg.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=28]Joining[/url] |
[url=http://soulsrpg.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=27]Rules[/url] |

[url=http://www.soulsrpg.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=30]Link Back[/url] (Advertising Agent / adsplz)
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'Souls RPG: Original Post-Apocalyptic Werecanine RPG
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