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 { The Dwellers }

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PostSubject: { The Dwellers }   Thu Aug 21, 2014 3:14 pm

November second, 2014, an airborne toxin was accidentally released into the air. The colorless and very deadly virus inflicted itself through the inhalation of the air, which all humans and animals had to do. Nobody but the government knew about this toxin until people strangely started dying off and animals’ lives seemed to be prolonged. At first, the humans seemed to have the common cold but later they would become gravely ill and soon die off. It happened to them all, all over the world as the toxin spread. Some people recorded that their animals were not dying, even when they reached far over the common age. Flash forward 40 years and it is 2064 and only a couple of the ancient animals had lived to tell their stories. Now without the humans plaguing the land canines have moved far up the food chain and have formed what they prefer to refer to as tribes. Some join the evil side of the war and some join the peaceful side. Which will you join? 

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{ The Dwellers }
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