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 Raven's Wolves

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PostSubject: Raven's Wolves   Raven's Wolves Icon_minitimeMon Aug 25, 2014 3:14 pm

Omen... Just another empty vessel...

...I am whoever you want me to be... Need me to be...
Name: Omen

Alias: Raven, Crow, Grave - She has many identities.

Age: Two years

Sex: Female

Species: Timber Wolf

Form: She is a masculine femme, with a tucked belly and a deep chest. Her legs are long and well-muscled, and she seems to glide when in movement, muscles effortlessly carrying her for however long she needed them to. Her head is strong-boned, stunningly beautiful but far from finely shaped - her muzzle is strong, square. She is one to watch and an effort to look away from. Her tail is well-plumed and of moderate length, the shallow arc of it continuing over her rump and back down the dip of her back. Her heavy paws are the next thing noticed, well-sprung toes fanned out to span the uneven terrain. Her heavy shoulders give way to her thick neck, ending at slightly over-large pointed ears and almond eyes. She is unique in her beauty, and she knows it.

Pelt: Although her form is obviously masculine, this femme bears a coat befitting of such a refined persona. Her pelt is thick and generous, a warm amber tone over her sides, neck and body shining in the dim light of her surroundings. Omen. She carries the name well. The warm tones of her golden pelt continue along her back and shoulders, but her hackles and the long hair on her back darkened to a deep, brassy tone. She shifts her weight slightly, revealing her chocolate undercoat and the lighter golden guardhairs shift, deepening the already brilliant coat colour of this femme. Over her chest, underbelly and inner legs, an inviting cream can be seen, the colour on her lower legs and tail-tip fading to a light blonde just before the cream wraps over her paws, as it does her cheeks. The tips of her ears are the darkest shade on her body, where a burnt gold can be seen. The only thing to break up the overall warmth of her peltage is the single white oval on her right upper thigh, which shines almost impossibly brightly before bleeding back into the surrounding ambers, shifting with every breath.

Eyes: Bright and intelligent, her russet eyes are ringed with deep chocolate and her pupils are edged with a gold to rival that on her pelt. They are surrounded by tawny lashes and darkly pigmented skin, and accentuated with a fine dusting of blonde pelt.

Defining Scars/Markings: Aside from the starkly obvious white ring on her thigh, she carries many scars unseen under her heavy coat.

Family: She was the only femme in her litter, the second-oldest in a litter of rowdy male whelps. Her mother died during whelping; and a heartsick father failed her from the moment of her birth. She was instead raised by her older brother, whom her father doted on until he, too, died in a tragic accident involving... In fact, she couldn't tell you, as she has removed the traumatic facts of her childhood from her memory. She only recalls that her remaining brothers, aside from the youngest, vanished, and her father was banished from the pack, covered in what she was sure was an attacker's blood. He wouldn't... He couldn't have. Her youngest brother drove her out soon after and took up the position of Alpha. To this day, she refuses to speak his name.

History: Forced to grow up at the tender age of 4 moons old, she walked until her legs gave out each day, collapsed under the stars at night. As a result, a harshly driven, determined, adaptable femme was shaped. She lost whoever she once was in the cold reality of solitude, instead preferring to reinvent herself however she can. To say she was broken was, perhaps, a stretch too far, but she was certainly fragile, and deeply disturbed.

Persona: Omen is, at times, greatly twisted, almost disturbingly so. She can be perverse, and tends to be on the flirtatious side with almost every wolf that gains her approval. She is not a submissive wolf, and an unintentionally rebellious glint can sometimes be seen in her eyes when she is wronged. However, as a pack asset, she is completely willing to reinvent herself - that is, based on requirements, she can become anything that her pack may require due to her drive and focus to tasks. She isn't especially loyal, but she has her own moral code that she does not break or bend, though she expects others to abide by it, too, so can be seen as a troublemaker.

Rank: Once, she was in line for Alpha, but all that is over now. She will take what she's given, but her ambition drives her to aim higher.

Raven's Wolves Pretty_wolf


Mate: Unmated
Pups: None
Pack Rank: None
Illness: Healthy
Injury: Uninjured

Hark! the owlet flaps his wings
In the pathless dell beneath;
Hark! 'tis the night-raven sings
Tidings of approaching death.

I know what I know, and what I don't yet know, I will learn. So shape me, teach me, and set me free.

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Raven's Wolves
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