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 The Pack's Fates *Wolf RP* ACTIVE

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Alpha Steele

PostSubject: The Pack's Fates *Wolf RP* ACTIVE   Sat Jan 03, 2015 8:11 pm


The Pack's Fates is back! Yes you heard right it is back and ready for the excitement to begin once again and HIGH RANKS are needed come and get them ASAP!


The human race is dead, a virus swept through the forest killing them all or it is thought to be. Many of the prey died along with many creatures. The wolves on the hand stood strong and survived the virus, but can they survive the after shock? Food is short, tension is high, power to be on top is threatening the forest, and an evil pack is lurking awaiting to take over the forest. What will be the fate of these wolves? Only you can decide your destiny, will you survive or die? Step into the dark forest.
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The Pack's Fates *Wolf RP* ACTIVE
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