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 Ace's Profile

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PostSubject: Ace's Profile   Mon Jan 12, 2015 9:01 pm

Formal Name:Ace                                 
Breed:Grey wolf
Personality:Ace is very confident and somewhat conceited.When you first meet him he can be very arrogant. But once you get to know him is very kind and caring.
Physical Traits
Coat Color:blackish grey with a white underbelly and white legs.
Height:4 ft
Weight:180 lbs
Body Form:lean and muscular built for speed and strength
Physical Distortions/Scars:Ace has lots of small scars on him

Family Tree
Siblings:two brothers
Followers:Ace doesn't like company
Pack Rank:Ace is a Rogue

Life Story:When Ace was the first out of three pups to be born.When his father saw him he was overjoyed seeing Ace's muscular lean body.Ace's two brothers were much smaller and weaker than him when his father saw his two brothers he was outraged.Ace's father never really loved his mother and only became her mate so he could take the pups to his own pack.He said if Ace's mother would not be his mate and have pups with him he would murder her, and when his father saw how weak Ace's brothers were he brutally killed Ace's mother.He took Ace to his pack and left the other two pups to die.One night when Ace was 10 months old when everyone was sleeping he snuck out and ran away from the pack, not being able to take his father's brutal cruel nature any longer. 
Place of Birth:The Lone Lands
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Ace's Profile
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