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PostSubject: //-Umbra-\   Sat Feb 07, 2015 2:12 am

General Information
Formal Name: Umbra
Alias/Nickname: None
Breed: Timber Wolf X Hell wolf
Age: 1.5 years
Sex: Female
Personality: She is very quiet by nature, an observer. She avoids the spotlight, and doesn't make friends easily. She has a cold and distant demeanor, and prefers to interact with others in a dutiful manner, not wasting time with small talk. She doesn't trust others without good reason, but is loyal to a fault when she sees fit. She is fearless, and will not hesitate to make the first and last strike in a confrontation. She learned early on not to waste time tolerating disrespect. Patient when she needs to be to get something done, but shows no mercy for fools.
Alignment: Dark neutral

Physical Traits
Coat Color: Ebony, with almost unnoticeable violet highlights
Eye Color: Golden
Height: 3'2"
Weight: 125 lbs
Body Form: She is well-balanced with muscle and flexibility. She appears lightweight with somewhat fine bones, but her muscling is thick and compact, not lacking in any way. Her muzzle is narrow and feminine, with small, triangular ears and a well-defined frame of fur around her face. Her paws and legs are dainty, allowing her great flexibility of motion. Her tail is short and fluffy, adding to her feminine appearance. Do not allow her appearance to deceive you.
Physical Distortions/Scars: None

Family Tree
Dame: Deathwish
Sire: Bone Shatter
Siblings: Lucifer
Partner: None
Whelps: None
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