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 Tynan's Stats

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PostSubject: Tynan's Stats   Mon Jul 06, 2009 10:52 pm

[| General Information |]
Name: Tynan
Pronunciation: Tie-nan
Name Meaning: Dark one
Alias: If it strikes anyone's fancy to call him Ty, he will answer to it
Gender: Male
Breed: Norwegian Elkhound
Current Age: 4 years
Personality: He is a calm bru, except when pushed. Though he seems harmless enough with his good-natured temperment, it can change in a flash. A ruthless fighter and ferocious adversary, he is one whom you would want on your side. Loyal, to a point, he does honor his word (unless it is necessary to do otherwise). His heart is dark, yet he does not take too much pleasure from pain in others. He approaches bloodshed as a necessary duty, and fighting as an enjoyable test of wit and skills. He does not kill for fun, nor is he some psycho murderer. If necessary, however, morals and hesitation will not make him pause when fulfilling his duties.

[| Physical Features |]
Eye Coloration: dark amber, almost black
Pelt Coloration: multiple hues of intermixed black, tans, and golds
Height: 30"
Weight: 70 lbs
Scars/Markings: many scars cover him, too many to mention
Form: He is very muscular, his frame toned and athletic. He is well able to keep up with a wolf in a fight or on the run, yet his stamina may be slightly lacking to a more wirey wolf. He has a very handsome build, well proportioned for his breed.

[| Family/Social Circle |]
Dame: Vien
Sire: Tullis
Brothers: He has two, but left both behind in the city. Their names are Damon and Garett.
Sisters: He had a sister named Valene who went missing as a pup, presumed dead.
Other Family: none
Interest: none as of now
Courted By/Courting: none
Mate: none
Pups: none

[| History |]
Past Injuries / Illnesses: none
Biography: He grew up in the city, his youth filled with nothing but hardship. His mother died when he was quite young, and whatever slight sheltering he had perished with her. He was destined with a dark heart from the beginning. Through terror and ferocity, he made his way up in the ranks, earning a rep and running the streets. All feared him and his 'pack'. However, with this came resentment and emnity. It was not long before he was set upon, his own allies helping to cast him from power. He fled the city, not having the heart to fight for such a lost cause. It was time to move on anyway. He made his way into the wild lands, further and further from the reach of humans. It was not long before he learned the tricks to survival in the different setting, and discovered the presence of the wolves. Getting tired of having only the company of himself, he made the dicision to join with a pack.

Played By: Starrlight
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Tynan's Stats
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