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 Koda the pup

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{Basic Info}

x| name: Koda 

x| Gender of: fae

x| Age of: 6 months 

x| Carries the scent of: mint 

x| Born under the sign: scorpio


x| Loyal to: requesting to join midnight meadows  

x| Holds the rank of: Pup

x| Bows head to: Her higher ranks 

x| Mentor to: none


x| Daughter and Bloodline carrier of: Unknown

x| Sibling to: athira (dead)

x| Shares soul with: none

x| Mother of: none


x| None

x| None

x| Darkness will rule over others


x| Other gods and goddess


+ Angry

+ Grumpy

+ Un emotional

+ Quiet

+ Dark

+ Strong willed

+ Intelligent

+ Loyal 

- Stubborn

- Impulsive

- Impatient

- Doesn't trust others quickly


Koda was born into a normal wolf pack, they were happy and content with there lives. Koda on the other hand hated it there. She never knew her parents but had been adopted by the alpha pair when she was just a young pup, they promised that after they had dies they would pass on the leadership to her. But this was not what she wanted, Koda wanted to find out were she was from and why her family had left her. 

One night, when the full moon was high and the pack was in there howling hours, Koda went up to moon rock, moon rock was the place were her pack had been going for years to speak to the elder stars. She sat there looking into the sky and wondering what her parents were like and who they were. There came a slight breathing from behind her, Koda spun round to see this very dark looking wolf, he was covers in her packs blood. The wolf attacked Koda but didn't kill her only wounded her badly. 

Koda woke up and found herself in the middle of the forest, she was wounded and beaten, Koda had no clue were she was and who she was she only rememberd that her name was Koda. 
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Koda the pup
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