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 Lesson one (Bright Moon&pups)

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Lesson one (Bright Moon&pups) Empty
PostSubject: Lesson one (Bright Moon&pups)   Lesson one (Bright Moon&pups) Icon_minitimeMon Jul 27, 2015 1:35 am

Bright led the way with the youth in tow. It would seem they were somewhat distracted, chasing each other about, but she would make sure that they learned the skills they would need as they grew. It wasn't just for the sake of survival, it would be to provide for the pack and help future generations grow ever stronger. At last one of the pups would come closer; it would seem Elysia was now thinking of the hunt. Bright turned to the young lady, smiling softly at her. Then she would tip her nose to the air. "Let your nose guide you," she said vaguely, giving no straight answer but encouraging Ely to taste the air, "I'm following the scent of water and salt. We're going to the river, and I will show you the prey we seek there."

Leading the way, the small silver fae would bring them to the river. The chinook salmon were busy seeking out their birth river, but they were growing weak from their travels. It was the perfect opportunity to hunt, gorge themselves, and bring much back for the rest of the pack. Bright padded over to the shallowest area of the river where she could wade in just below her ankles, her paws clinging to smooth rocks. She could see the sleek bodies wriggling in the water, so determined on their destination that they were scarcely aware of predators. "Come, young ones," she beckoned to the three, "The salmon are easy to catch. Just look for one you want to grab, and be quick-" Silver eyes spotted a target nearby, and with a swift, calculated movement, the woman would snatch up a large fish in firmly clamped jaws. It wriggled furiously but to no avail. Bright carried the creature to the shore, placed it carefully down with her claws now holding it and with a quick bite the fish stopped flapping. "If we can catch a few of them, the pack will eat well," she stated, looking at each youth individually, "Do your best!"
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Lesson one (Bright Moon&pups)
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