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 A kindred heart (Open)

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A kindred heart (Open) Empty
PostSubject: A kindred heart (Open)   A kindred heart (Open) Icon_minitimeThu Jul 30, 2015 11:00 pm

The older she wolf wandered through the newly altered territory amiably getting to know the new boundaries. Balthier had made the right decision even if it looked crazy from the outside. Their pack had been dwindling and with no steady alpha to guide them they had come close to extinction. They could not stand alone against the threat of the dark wolves. Even now in Jabbar their ranks changed and who knew how long the peace between them could stand. Dark wolves had a short memory and the pure wolves a forgiving heart. Such was the flaw with them...but it was also the strength. She paused looking up through the leafy canopy and enjoyed the dappled sunlight along her tri hued coat. Her brother was no doubt off making the borders stronger and reinforcing the markers. The new blood would be good for the pack as well, give a chance for the pups to spread their line in more promising directions. 

The breeze was pleasant on her walk and she strode through tree after tree lost in pleasant thoughts. For once they were not under siege, for once the borders had enough bodies to patrol it. Maybe now more would join under the new security that this pack could provide. Perhaps for once she could leave her weary past behind her and help build a better brighter future. 

So Zelda's thoughts went as she ambled through the woods...  
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A kindred heart (Open)
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