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 =// Every Dog has it's Day \\=

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PostSubject: =// Every Dog has it's Day \=   Sun Sep 13, 2015 11:46 pm

Kane lounged in the unfamiliar lands his nose scenting the unfamiliar sea breeze. He had smelled this only once before a long long time ago. That was when he had worked for the humans. His brain skimmed lightly over the memories that tried to claw their way up. No they were not all bad but it was a different life that had no place in this future. Jack's dream had failed...though perhaps not. He had opened up the gateway for others to follow. Those who were brave enough and strong enough could make it out and find a place for themselves out in this wild. Their makeshift pack was scattered to the winds...though they had unlikely help from the Pearl wolves. An offer to stay, a place to call home and what in exchange? Nothing but loyalty and maybe a little scouting. He smiled to himself closing his eyes and enjoying the breeze. 

The sound of gulls lulled him while he tried on the idea of actually staying here long term. He could make himself a life at last. Settle down and give his loyalty to these wolves who would offer him safety. He had long given up on the idea of a mate but a dog could dream. Sighing he laid his head down on his paws, ears twitching wondering if any others would come.
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=// Every Dog has it's Day \\=
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