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 A break from the job

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A break from the job Empty
PostSubject: A break from the job   A break from the job Icon_minitimeThu Sep 17, 2015 10:00 pm

Vaarak sighed as he wandered towards one of the first reworked border markers. His brother had requested him to familiarize himself with the new layout, whether or not he remained on the path to being a scout. Scouting was boring, but he'd do it because his brother said to. He just needed to take a quick break. His brother was now also the alpha, which didn't mean much to Vaarak, since Balthier always told him what to do. All it meant was that the other had more wolves to boss around, especially now. Not that Balthier really bosses anyone around. Surprisingly, it seemed as if most of the wolves did listen, so at least those diplomatic trips were worth it.

Now, though, he wished he'd encounter anyone from the pack. He wanted a break from his sort-of-but-not-really scouting, and he really wanted someone to talk to. At least he found where some of the herbs were growing so he could help the healers gather them. His brain struggled to remember the ranks of those he knew. Surely there had to be an opening with a more interesting position, but he dared not voice it around his brother. He still remembered the response, 'Really now, Vaarak? More interesting than being the first to greet new wolves? I guess since you're an over sized whelp yourself, I could always task you with pupsitting. There are quite a few in the pack now, and you surely have the energy to keep up with them.' That had been a joke, but he just knew there was a threat of it being serious.

He did like pups, but being left behind from all the action? That wasn't his style. He wanted to be in the thick of everything and know what's going on. The younger wolves were always left out on the important, more interesting talks. For now, he'd stay quite and prove he can handle the responsibility... after his break.
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A break from the job
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