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 Minion(s) of mine

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PostSubject: Minion(s) of mine   Minion(s) of mine Icon_minitimeSat Nov 14, 2015 3:55 pm

X.General Information.X
Formal Curse:
Title[s]: Nomad
Alias: None
Decent: Timber Wolf
Age: 4 years
Gender: Male
Persona: Tomas is a therapist. Within himself and to others. He cannot stand to see other's hurting, and will try to lend to the right words whenever he can to aid in their life, but he knows that's all he can ever do. He's a neutral nomad in life. Tomas is not interested in finding love or finding answers, he believes they will come in due time, even if he is a hopeless romantic at heart. He's overly protective of his family, family being defined by those he is close to. Through his travels he's met important wolves and creatures alone the way. He never takes his life for granted and hates to see everyone else do the same. 
 Heart: Neutral, never finding the defined politics in any 'side'
Motto: "Our greatest freedom is the ability to choose our own attitude"
Sounds Like: A thick deep voice. Very Monotone.
Skills: Healing. Having been alone that's how he survived.
Location: Searching for acceptance into The Black Pearl

X.Physical Traits.X

Peltage Hue:
Light cream colors all mashed together like an oil painting with brown, black, grey hues.

Occualr Hue: Brown
Stands: Medium
Weighs: Medium
Form: Masculine. Hinders his hunting abilities at times.
Physical Distortions: None

X.Family Tree.X
Sire: Tawni
Dame: Saban
Brothers: Vai
Sisters: Several. He's only ever became close to Mirela.
Partner: None
Whelps: None
Challengers: None
Minions: N/A
Rank: None


Life Story:

 Tomas has not had a hard past, he's not had any stories that's caused him hardships. He's traveled, sleeping under the stars and being welcomes into dens and packs for short times, lending his services until the magic of life takes him away to his next destination. He's now old enough to understand that life is not meant for traveling anymore. He's been through so many families, making friends and colleagues who've offered him advice, healing tips, defense against rogue wolves, hiding abilities from danger, scouting perfection when entering into new territory. He's learned his right and wrongs through his travels from the north to the south, the east and west.  
Place of Birth: Southern Pack
Status: Active

*Picture to come*
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Minion(s) of mine
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