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 Profile of Darius Wolf

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PostSubject: Profile of Darius Wolf    Profile of Darius Wolf  Icon_minitimeSun Dec 06, 2015 1:03 am

So hey all! New to this site here and I shall post my wolf's profile Smile

Profile of Darius Wolf  Direwolf2

Name: Darius
Age: 4 years
Breed: Wolf
Fur: Black
Eyes: Yellow 
Pelt: Black with cascading grey and white
Build: Solid and buff
Personality:Although shy and reserved at first, Darius warms up very well to other wolves and packs once he gets acquainted. He has a child like curiosity as well as a thirst for competition. 
Character history: Born to a small pack of wolves, Darius' tragic life began when clan wars broke out and skirmishes had both his parents and pack annihilated. With his head lowered, he trudges through the forests mountains and riversides of FNI, hoping to find the rest of his fallen pack, or at least someone he can spend the rest of his days with. 

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Profile of Darius Wolf
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