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PostSubject: |-|{A Queen's Destiny}|-|   Thu Feb 04, 2016 5:17 pm

The snowy fem trotted along the rocks, deftly maneuvering among the pitfalls that peppered her chosen domain. It was no lush forest but it had many clever uses and was highly defensible. It was true that her and her companions had to travel farther afield for dinner but it was worth it for a place such as this. The oasis was not too far, perhaps a quarter of the days walk if you did not run. Putting her nose to the ground she snuffled at the rocks carelessly tossing them aside with her paws. One might think her erratic from a distance but as she over turned rock after rock she consumed the hoards of moths that lined the bottoms. It was not a great meal but it provided much needed protein on the leaner days. Once she had her fill she scaled to a more suitable location right under a ridge and proceeded to clean her fur. 

At this point they were well established here and there weren't as many intruders. It was simple really to set up borders. She had the wolves to enforce it and there were none who wanted to contend over a seemingly barren terra. Sighing she closed her eyes and felt the waves of heat drift in from the desert, relaxing her muscles and cleaning her system. She had not been from a hot territory but she excelled at adapting to her circumstances and now she felt little discomfort from Fenrir's scorching eye. In her mind a land of snow and ice flashed quickly. Had she much of a sentimental heart she may have felt a pang of homesickness. Akira was little for sentiment though. She would much rather kill something and get on with life.

There had been some bit of accomplishment in her life despite her being relatively young for her kind. Her family had traveled far from where they had first started. Many had stood before them but they had cut through them and effortlessly. Now they were splintered with her sister choosing a life with a pack. Well she still had Curse. though Akira foresaw a time where they too would split apart.

All in due time her kingdom would come.
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|-|{A Queen's Destiny}|-|
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