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 |-|{A Queen's Destiny}|-|

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PostSubject: |-|{A Queen's Destiny}|-|   Thu Feb 04, 2016 5:17 pm

The snowy fem trotted along the rocks, deftly maneuvering among the pitfalls that peppered her chosen domain. It was no lush forest but it had many clever uses and was highly defensible. It was true that her and her companions had to travel farther afield for dinner but it was worth it for a place such as this. The oasis was not too far, perhaps a quarter of the days walk if you did not run. Putting her nose to the ground she snuffled at the rocks carelessly tossing them aside with her paws. One might think her erratic from a distance but as she over turned rock after rock she consumed the hoards of moths that lined the bottoms. It was not a great meal but it provided much needed protein on the leaner days. Once she had her fill she scaled to a more suitable location right under a ridge and proceeded to clean her fur. 

At this point they were well established here and there weren't as many intruders. It was simple really to set up borders. She had the wolves to enforce it and there were none who wanted to contend over a seemingly barren terra. Sighing she closed her eyes and felt the waves of heat drift in from the desert, relaxing her muscles and cleaning her system. She had not been from a hot territory but she excelled at adapting to her circumstances and now she felt little discomfort from Fenrir's scorching eye. In her mind a land of snow and ice flashed quickly. Had she much of a sentimental heart she may have felt a pang of homesickness. Akira was little for sentiment though. She would much rather kill something and get on with life.

There had been some bit of accomplishment in her life despite her being relatively young for her kind. Her family had traveled far from where they had first started. Many had stood before them but they had cut through them and effortlessly. Now they were splintered with her sister choosing a life with a pack. Well she still had Curse. though Akira foresaw a time where they too would split apart.

All in due time her kingdom would come.
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Number of posts : 1191
Age : 26
Location : Behind You.o.O
Pawprints : 1925
Registration date : 2009-01-11

PostSubject: Re: |-|{A Queen's Destiny}|-|   Sat Aug 04, 2018 11:41 pm

A blackened brute lean with muscle and gifted with a scar along his muzzle watched the white witch from his own craggy hide away. He law sprawled on the rock like a jungle cat. Unlike his sister he preferred to wallow the days under the shade and pick up his activities under the moon light. Despair felt the days monotonous boredom digging into the back of his skull. He wished for some entertainment as things had gotten quite stale around here of late.  

Not that he could really blame anyone from keeping low in this heat. By Fenrir's claw they had had a nasty string of heat.  His ear flicked listening to other clan members moving in unseen chambers below. Their dens were well suited to combat the heat though and if it became too oppressive they had a cool place to retreat. 

He heard the approach of one though and her scent fell to him shortly after though his eyes stayed cast towards his ivory sister. There had once been a pair of sister to watch but Akiko had forsaken them to live among strangers.  He felt disquiet at the thought of Akiko and he would be lying if he said it did not affect his mood.

'Back two moon falls and no word of greeting for me eh Despair?" 

The lyrics were soft and sultry. Their softness was in contrast to the hardened fem that came to call. 
 With great restraint Despair kept his teeth from snapping and turned his gaze to the fem who stood behind him. She too took protection in the shade where the suns harsh line of demarcation sat inches away.  She was a soft and tempting looking fem not at all like Akira. His sister was a battle ax and she was a rapier. Fine, elegant and slender until she gut you with a quick careless slash. 

All the wolves here had battle prowess of some kind. If they did not well then they died for their lack of experience and on to the next it was for them.  

'Are we such bedfellows that I would seek you out for such? Last I heard your eye was cast to the southern forests.'
Sorrow had an appetite for brujo's and Despair danced with her long enough to understand not to tangle with her wiles any longer. 

'Such a bore you are Despair. You know well that I've not been there in well past a full moon. Besides, was it not you who admonished me for wandering too far afield? I thought you'd prefer I'd stick close to home. Stick close to you...'
The last words trailed off but there was a note of mockery in her voice and a smile tugging the corners of her mouth. 

'Stop your incessant flirting and tell me why you are bothering me.' 

He watched her pause and her regard turned from mockery to cool amusement. Her emerald eyes flicked away from his and she shrugged casually. 

She had him now even if he didn't know. Sorrow felt delight in getting a rise out of Despair even if it was not a flirtatious one. Well there had been little chance of that anyways. Curse was more game but she didn't want Curse.  Grinning suddenly that offset the previous tone she again locked eyes with him but instead she had a mysterious glint. 

'Don't tell me that you're not as bored as all of us have been. I've come to offer a suggestion.'

Casually she strode forward knowing that with her close proximity Despair would not be able to leave himself in a prone position with her so near. Another thrill of mischievous delight ran through her when just as she predicted the hessian rose up so that his head was taller than hers. No matter - dominance was not always a game of who was the biggest. 

When he did not prompt her she sighed heavily and she pouted some before dramatically casting her eyes towards their leader int he distance. No he was not fun at all. Perhaps that made her want to play with him more. 

'We have discovered an area to the east that we may possibly be able to infiltrate. There are a few strays and it is...green.'

It was no secret that not all of the wolves enjoyed being in this landscape. Particularly since the landscape they had traveled from had been lush and green. Well at least in the summer. Sorrow could do without the biting winters and that was one of the reasons they had left. Winter made expansion harder than it needed to be. 

He looked at her more annoyed than ever but he was resigned now to play her game. 
'Oh and have you let Akira know about this plan or are you going renegade for the sake of your comfort?" Again the barking edge to his tone but they both knew there was no bite. 

'You think me a fool Despair?" She huffed indignantly "Would I endorse an invasion without my Queen's consent?" Her eyes fluttered with mock innocence. 

Despite his aggravation with the femma he breathed out what could be considered a laugh. 

'You never change Sorrow. And yes..you would. Remember the Venya Canyon? But of course you do and you still would jest with me.' Another long exhale. 'Fine then. Have we run it by Tercial? I'm not risking another attack without the bru after what happened before.' 

It was her turn to growl in agitation. 'Must we constantly live in the past Despair? The trial is done and we are none the worse for it. Can you not leave it alone. ' 

Just as quickly she turned back into honey. She circled now in front of him showing off her lithe frame. Her coat was a soft gray tapering away to a white at her tails and paws. Her emerald orbs shone with fierce intelligence and cruelty.  

'Oh I'll do you one better. I've convince Dmetrius to come and boy oh boy what a fun time it will be. ' 

Her tone was sharp and cutting at the end her teeth snapping in malicious intent. 

'We will establish ourselves here Despair. There is better things to do besides sit in this blasted desert baking under this sun like lizards. Akira feels it too. That is why we came here isn't it? If we do not start making moves than it will slip from our paws. Now are you ready for the details?'

Sorrow now stood in front of him from her previous approach from behind. She was a fine looking fem and dangerous to ignore. 

Despair shook his head and looked to the sky. 'And tell me my dear have I ever denied you?' To which they both knew the double edged meaning to the retort.

'It is well enough then. I do weary of inaction. Tell me the plan'

And so she did.  
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|-|{A Queen's Destiny}|-|
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