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 Weather and Hunting

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PostSubject: Weather and Hunting   Weather and Hunting Icon_minitimeSat Feb 20, 2016 2:32 pm

There is a more temperate biome in Tirisfal Meadows, and winters can be frigid with frost in the lower grassland and snow may be visible on the taller hilltops during colder winters. Trees tend to grow more near the border of the grassy region and up the hills, but not close together enough to be considered a true forest. There is a fair amount of rainfall, and droughts are an uncommon occurrence.

Animals of note that can be found:

Rabbits: Difficult to hunt, but are abundant. Can be hunted alone, but normally as a last resort, practice, or a snack.

Mice (or other tiny ground rodents): Not difficult to hunt, but mostly hunted by younger wolves to play before killing or releasing. Not a filling meal for a grown wolf, but perhaps a snack for a younger one.

Squirrels: They mostly stick closer to the tree line and rarely venture to the open grass. Difficult to hunt, especially once in a tree. Like mice, they are not a filling prey.

Snakes: Fair abundance. They are generally left alone, but have been known to be killed in desperate times. Must require knowledge to avoid venomous species. 

Fish: There may be fish in the lake, but their activity and availability are more abundant in the warmer seasons, when wolves tend to play in the water. The fish commonly caught near the shore aren't too big, though, so wolves typically stick to larger prey for a meal.

Deer: They mostly gather in the open grass to try to avoid ambush, but try to avoid where there is high wolf traffic. They don't often stick around during the worst of the winter and are more difficult to find if there was a recent deer kill in the same vicinity as where a hunting party is searching for a deer herd. If there have been multiple deer kills, they will be scarce or by the hills where the trees grow. Larger members of the deer family, like elk and moose, are very rare and only certain conditions drive either to Tirisfal Meadows.

Bison: They mostly show up in the winter, and are not found in abundance. Requires a large number of wolves to take one down, but bison are especially dangerous, more so than elk.

Mountain Lion: They are rare and mostly roam the hills. Pups and small wolves need to beware, especially when mountain lions are in seasons of high activity.

Bears: Extremely rare. They don't venture near Tirisfal Meadows, but the rare cases they do, it's right as they wake from hibernation, or when they're foraging for food right before. Depending on the species, wolves can be predator or prey. All young, inexperienced wolves must avoid a bear, especially after bearing cubs.
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Weather and Hunting
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