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Welcome to the Show Downlo12Welcome to the Show Th11
The duo had been running non stop. Well, not exactly non-stop, but close to it. Dogs aren't blessed with a wolf's effortless lope, so they were forced to stop more often than a wolf would, and had to maintain a slower trot so as not to burn themselves out. But it was worth it. It had to be. They'd risked everything to be where they headed. Despite this, both had their doubts. What would a wolf pack want with a couple of stray dogs? Sure, the German Shorthaired Pointer seemed to have an innate knack for locating birds others would likely have missed. But did the wolves even eat birds? Neither had a clue.

The Pointer was the first to complain. She simpered to the younger about how her paws were aching and could they please take a break? A quick thwack with a paw, strengthened by the dark-pelted bitch's frustration, quickly silenced her. She found herself staring at the Doberman. It was amazing; she could still remember the day she'd trotted up to the shaking pup and dropped a 'chicken nugget' at her paws. So much had changed.

Neppy,” she called, drawing the others' attention. Nephthys turned to her, vaguely annoyed at the hated nickname. “Do you think they'll accept us?”

The Lab nodded, and turned around. Despite her own doubts, she had to keep the Pointer's morale up. “Of course! Why wouldn't they? After all, you're the best bird scaring dog I've ever seen!”

Time went on, and they remained quiet. As dusk broke once more, they holed up in the hollow of a tree downed by lightning, and set out again came dusk, invigorated by a night of sleep. The sun was barely peeking over the horizon when they arrived at the border of the Tirisfal Meadows pack. The sky was still purple in colour as they shared a grin, before the Shorthaired Pointer tilted her head back and howled. It couldn't be called a howl, really; a hunting dog's bay is quite different from a wolf's melodic song, but the message was clear. “We are here!”
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Welcome to the Show
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