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 Link's Reunion

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PostSubject: Link's Reunion    Link's Reunion   Icon_minitimeSun May 07, 2017 7:16 pm

The dusty plains here went ever onward into unknowable miles. If you were lucky enough to escape the canyons and get onto the flat lands, you were then pelted ceaselessly with winds.  Which accurately described his current situation.  He was agitated from long miles without respite but there was a shift in the land, he could feel it in his bones. Soon he would be coming up to something different. Letting out a harsh sneeze to dislodge some stubborn sand, he then bent forward tried rubbing his eyes against his forelegs for a short reprieve. 
He couldn't wait until the fall of night that would signal the smaller rodent pray to come out of hiding. He had been living on nothing but small rodents for weeks but it had been enough to sustain him if not sate him. This was a harsh world and harsher still that Fenrir had cast their lot on it. Even still, there was life and there was always hope for something better.  Link had never lacked for conviction in his heart and here out on the friendless landscape nothing changed. If anything it strengthened  him to go on. 
Besides, it was not just himself he lived. There were so many others in his past, present and future that would need him. So he would continue on not just for himself but for them. 
He felt himself slip down into low bearing strip of land and finally...finally there was a landmass at his side shielding him from the landscape. Again rubbing his eyes to his leg and this time he was able to stay dirt free long enough to look out. It was formless as ever but there was still...something ahead. He would trust his instincts they had always served him well in the past. 
Ears snapped sharply forward in attention as a gust of wind brought a trace on the wind. He was like a deer caught between two wolves, utterly still, waiting to smell it again. For certain the scent of water had been on the wind. He eyed the orange sun beating down mercilessly on him. A few more hours until nightfall. He would stay and gather his strength for a strong nighttime jaunt to find the water. 

Who knows who might be waiting for him? Strangers? Old friends? His lost mate...
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Link's Reunion
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