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 The Taste of Ash | The Land of Want

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The Taste of Ash | The Land of Want  Empty
PostSubject: The Taste of Ash | The Land of Want    The Taste of Ash | The Land of Want  Icon_minitimeWed Oct 11, 2017 9:20 pm

The Taste of Ash | The Land of Want  Akiko11
Akiko rather liked this strip of land she was currently trotting along. It was the in between of the real wasteland and the 'thriving' lands. Life here was not quite gone but it was not quite there either. She liked they way the land seemed ever flat her but was riddled with nooks in reality.  Yes, she liked all that and yet she didn't like the reason she was out here. Didn't like that her life again was torn from her like a wildfire in the forest. She was too young to feel the years this strongly. The burden of her role to play in this world tried her, tried her sorely if we're behind honest. 

There were challenges and challengers she would need to face in the near future but she could be thankful that at least it was not today. Slowing her pace she slid into a stretch, squeezing her eyes shut and enjoying the feeling. Leaning back she took a moment to look around. Rock that was covered in sparsely clinging greens and low vegetation stretched for miles.  There was a sort of dampness about this place that was odd considering the intensity of the desert not far from here. 

Down between the rocks were shallow havens against the pressing sunlight. Their angled walls cast shadows in the spaces between. Here is where Akiko tucked her body, the overhang concealing her completely from one side. It did mean she could not see that side either but she would have the advantage at least.  

Her mind as always drifted back to a dark place. A place where she felt the hooks sinking in to her flesh. Tugging on her spirit and never letting her escape. In those moments she could feel the madness that touched her...no not just her, all of her siblings.  Felt that place where she would walk through hell and laugh all the way. She rubbed her face against her foreleg trying to dispel her mind. Inevitably though she was unable to shake it and so she drifted in that place, waiting. 
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The Taste of Ash | The Land of Want
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