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PostSubject: Leon Musings   Leon Musings Icon_minitimeWed Feb 28, 2018 11:46 pm

The arid night didn't bother him in the slightest. He was born of these kind of lands.  Most considered this something you only passed through. Something that was best escaped as quickly as possible. Let them continue to think that - more space for him to roam unbothered. He was aware of the rogue pack that congregated out here but he knew where they roamed and was sure to stay out of the way.  Plus he met a cove or two from that rag tag bunch that weren't the worst sorts. The leader however was a different story. Best to keep a wide angle around her. 

The night was still as it always appeared on the surface. He lay on a sandy dune riddled with grass that felt and looked like straw. His ears swiveled and flicked honing in on the real nighttime activity. All sorts of creatures emerging into the night that would not normally venture out under the blistering sun. The lizards and scorpions tucked away for the night. 

Leon's half lidded gazed wandered lazily over the landscape. Though this was mostly desert it was not always quite as flat in places as most thought. He lost sight of his east behind a particularly large rocky dune. Who knows if some desert rabbits where coming out just outside of his view...Though he would not mind a nice snack he could not say he was actually hungry. Nor was he completely willing to leave his comfortable position. His body happily soaking in the days heat through the ground under his pelt. 

Tail lightly sweeping the sand behind him he continue to survey his small corner of the world in peace. 
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Leon Musings
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