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 Rodion Aleksandr Belikov

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Name: Rodion Aleksandr Belikov

Pronunciation: RO-di-on Al-ek-SAN-der BEL-i-kov

Name Meaning: Rodion: form of Herodion, meaning "Dedicated to Hera";
Aleksander: "Defending men"; Belikov: "White"

Nickname: Sometimes goes by Rodia, often called by his surname, Belikov

Gender: Male

Breed: Eurasian Wolf (Grey Wolf)

Current Age: 5 years

Personality: Rodion is outwardly tough and to most seems like he has a heart of stone when it comes to leading others. He is often strict and will not take nor or a question for an answer. When he gets to know someone, however, he is deeply caring and devoted to them, and this can be to his disadvantage. He loves children, and when not in work mode is always willing to get in the dirt and play with them. He doesn't find a lot of free time, as he likes to keep himself busy, but he relishes spare moments and can get snappy when someone interrupts his personal time for something trivial. He will never turn down company though, and is often asked for advice. He won't always oblige, but if there is a problem bothering a pack mate, he is all too ready to take them aside one on one and deal with their problem. He is a firm believer in supporting the underdog.

Physical Features

Pelt Coloration:
A mix of greys and blacks along his back, with copper near his auds and nose, and cream on his underbelly and nose.

Eye Coloration: soft yellow

Height: 34 inches at the shoulder

Weight: 120 lbs.

Scars/Markings: None

Form: Rodion has a tall and slender body, with a thick plume. He carries himself with both elegance and eloquence. His pillars are lean but strong to carry him as far as he needs to go without much strain. His paws are large, though not comically so, to aid in digging, running, etc. It is quite easy to see the sinew beneath his skin, and even easier to feel when touched.

Family/Social Circle

Dame: Asya Catrina Belikov

Sire: Aleksandr Maxim Belikov

Brothers: Ivan Mikhail Belikov

Sisters: Sofia Asya Belikov

Mate: None
Interest: Zelda
Pups: None


Place of Birth: Sayan mountain range

Past Injuries / Illnesses: none

Any other History:
The first-born to the alpha male and female, he was the pride and heir to the throne of the Sayan Pack. His brother Ivan supported him in his growth and training, and was his pillar of sorts through many of his difficulties in his development. As their father believed that they needed to learn to depend on themselves, both brothers as well as their sister Sofia grew to be self-sufficient.

Rodion was preparing to take the throne, only months before his proverbial coronation when a power hungry male by the name of Nicolai killed Aleksandr with the intention to step up after the discovery of the dead alphen. When Rodion found his father the morning after his assassination, he called for help, but was wrongly accused after Nicolai spread the lie. He could not object, at the mercy of his entire pack, but before he ran he told his family that nothing was true about the murder. They seemed to believe him, but to this day he still doubts that they believed him. He comes to the lands of Fire and Ice to continue his life the way his father would have wanted him to: as a leader.
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Rodion Aleksandr Belikov
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