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 Queen of Compassion

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PostSubject: Queen of Compassion   Wed Jan 21, 2009 5:44 pm

General Information

Name: Silent Snowfall.
Pronunciation: As seen.
Name Meaning: It has little meaning other than reference to the weather at the time of her birth.
Title/s: She has gained the title: Queen of Tirisfal Valley.
Nickname: Most call her Silent, though some have chosen to address her as 'Lady Snowfall'.
Gender: Female.
Breed: She carries purely the blood of Timber Wolves.
Current Age: She is nearing six years of age.
Personality: Silent Snowfall is a calm, collected and compassionate woman, never allowing her temper to flare unnecessarily, and never allowing emotion to cloud her judgement. She has a strong, moral-based personality; loyalty, truthfulness and honour are her highest values within any situation. Betrayal and deceit are not within her nature, and she looks down upon those that lie to get their way and manipulate others for their own will. She values life greatly, and will not take it from another, even those undeserving of their soul. She is the type that would much sooner try to bring darkness to the light, rather than end a life simply for its alignment.
The Queen is extremely fond of young ones, knowing how innocent and important they are to the pack's future.

Physical Features

Pelt Coloration: Her coat consists of white, black and brown, as well as a few shades of grey.
Eye Coloration: Her eyes are a piercing amber colour, her gaze intense and stern.
Height: 3'2" At the shoulder.
Weight: 115 lbs, though her powerful stature would suggest otherwise.
Scars/Markings: The only really noticeable scars are the four claw-marks across her muzzle, dealt by the infamous Queen Akira. The rest of her body carries old battle-scars from long ago, though none really stands out.
Form: Her form is lean and graceful, powerful enough to overcome opponents and yet agile enough to outrun prey.

Family/Social Circle

Sire: Sadly, she does not remember her father's name.
Dame: Silent River
Brothers: None
Sisters: None
Courting / Courted By: She was once courted by the Beta, Axel, of her birthpack, and they were readying themselves to become official mates when war came upon them and destroyed the pack. Axel died in honor of his home and love, but Silent was left heartbroken and alone. Several months into her rule of Tirisfal Valley, a man named Robin, her now Advisor and Delta Male, tried desperately to win her heart, but the two were meant only to be friends. Silent is now in the process of courting her Beta Male, and he has agreed to be her mate when her season comes on.
Interest: She seems to show a lot of admiration for Nuri Bade.
Mate: Nuri.
Children: She has two newborn sons.
Wards: None, though she would not hesitate to take in any whelp that is in need.
Closest Acquaintance: Silent feels closest to the wolves who have stayed with her the longest; Nuri, Alaina and Robin, her most valuable and trusted friends.


Place of Birth:
Past Injuries / Illnesses: She recently underwent a seizure that sent her into a coma; the underlying cause (she assumes) being stress. The recent birth of her whelps caused a lot of internal bleeding and complications, and it has left her almost completely blind.
Any other History: [Details will come soon.]
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Queen of Compassion
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