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There are tales of how the land came to be passed on from generation to generation some were elaborated upon and some waned away with the creatures that told them. But there is one story that has remained true though time and that most consider to be the beginning of life.

Many, many moons ago there was an immeasurable amount of land that wrapped around this world. There were no mortal beings here so who would even want to measure it?  The earth was barren and desolate, harsher than the deserts we know today. The air was dry but heavy with no wind to stir the dusty crags of earth. So it was for such a time mortals can not fathom the years and for Fenrir it was but of blink of his many colored eye. Finally the mighty Gods bestirred themselves from a spark of inspiration coming from depths unknown it was decided that life would be granted on this empty world. Fenrir was the first to lay his paw on the land giving him rights to the lifeforms that would soon inhabit this place. A wildfire rose up and with a blinding light raced across the earth leaving not destruction but birth in its wake. And like the fire above the ice below worked it's wonders cracking into the rock, shifting and stirring it. Jagged peaks formed and underground basins became known. And when the two forces collided it created the a vast watery presence that made it's veins into the land. River's and streams appeared, valleys and mountains formed, trees of all shapes and sizes appeared. But in the very center of this realm there was left a reminder of what this land had come from. A desert, the remnant of the past that for sentimental reasons or not still lies the foundation of the terra. And long last creatures filled these voids and Fenrir, inhaled and from his breath blew about the fur of his many hued coat sending them scattering to the four winds. When those alighted on earth the first wolves emerged in his likeness. So became the lands of Fire and Ice.

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