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"Now this is the Law of the Jungle - as old and
as true as the sky; And the Wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but
the Wolf that shall break it must die. As the creeper that girdles the
tree-trunk the Law runneth forward and back - For the strength of
the Pack is the wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."
~ Law of the Jungle


1. One liners are not allowed. You are required to write a post that has at least a word count of 90. For more information and guidelines on this please refer to the information board and the appropriate threads.

2. Do not upload photos to the gallery albums that are not yours. If you do, credit the original artist. Failure to comply will result in a deletion of these albums and a possible ban.

3. Please respect the managers and your fellow members. If you have any problems with anything or anyone, please bring it to my or one of the Assistant Managers' attention. You can PM us or post it on the Managers' Talk Board

4. If people do not respond to your post right away, bring it up politely to them and they will likely catch it. We all have lives we attend, and they all can get very busy.

5. Advertising is allowed. However, post it on the Advertisement Board or else it will be deleted. You are only allowed to post your advertisement once and are allowed to bump it once a week. Multiple advertisement posts (spamming) will result in an automatic ban.

6. When not roleplaying your character, please use the Talk It Up Board. You may use the clause "OOC" (our of character) on all the boards, but do so sparingly and do not clutter up the boards with it.

7. While swearing is not forbidden we do not want excessive use of it in posts.

8. If there is a serious problem between you and another player, report it to a manager. We will solve the problem the best we can. Do not bully the other player because they disagree with you.

9. No double-posts (replying to your own reply) unless it is with two separate characters who are not interacting with one another.


General Rules

1.  Absolutely no god-playing/powerplaying/god-modding (controlling other players' characters). You will receive one warning and any further incident after that will result in a ban. 

2. Powers of any kind are forbidden. This means no wings, no superpowers, and no characters that are immortal. Unusual coat or eye colors are accepted, but nothing too radical. However if you would like your character to have something of a supernatural element it may be accepted depending on what it is, you must get a pass from a Manager before applying the change. This is a semi-realistic roleplay, and we intend to keep it that way.

3. We have no problems with homosexuals [gay/lesbian], but please keep your wolves heterosexual [straight] for the sake of realism.

4. You are not allowed to roleplay humans or werewolves. Humans may only be mentioned for the sake of a story, history, or plot.

5. You are not allowed to kill another player's character without their permission. This also goes with saying that if your wolf is mortally injured, it needs to suffer from its injuries. It is entirely up to you if it recovers or not.

6. Again, please keep swearing to a minimal amount, appropriate for the scene.

7. You may have as many characters as you like, but try to keep them relatively active. If not, then please label them "inactive", or let others know.

8. Liquid Time- You may have your character is multiple places at once for the sake of plot lines BUT you may not have your character in more than one MAIN BOARD at the same time. All other threads are fine, just please be sure to keep track of where you post.

9. You may only double-post if you are posting two different characters on the same board, and you do not want to put them in the same post. However, do not make it so that they are talking back and forth to one another, as if they were in their own thread. If you need to move a plot/thread along because a player is not responding, then it is okay to do so. Be sure that the player is aware that you are doing this. Please be patient.

10. It is difficult to have a set time (other than the seasons). However, your wolf must age eventually, because no one stays the same age forever. Roleplay time tends to move faster than regular time as well.

11. Keep in mind that this is a WOLF roleplaying site, anything that is non-canid in nature must have permission from management to roleplay. Foxes, jackals, domesticated dog breeds, dingos are uncommon, but allowed. If you're not sure about the species of the creature you wish to play, feel free to bring it up to management.


Breeding Rules

1. Force breeding is allowed, but males are the only ones that can do it. (And with the consent of the other player, if not their wolf >.> )

2. You are allowed to write descriptive breeding, but you must do so on the Mate Search Board. The title must be indicated as "closed", "graphic", or "M". This is for those who do not care for the description and for our younger members.

3. Males can only mate with females, and females can only mate with males, as mentioned above.

4. Canids are allowed to interbreed, but foxes must stay with foxes. Their genealogy would not allow otherwise, and we want to remain realistic.

5. Females can be in heat for up to two weeks in real time, if that is what you want. That is also the maximum.

6. Pregnant wolves are pregnant for two weeks in real time, unless you would like to extend it longer. Two weeks is the minimum.

7. Whelp growth stages are as follows:
--------->a. Week 1: Blind and deaf, wiggling, squirming in the den, drinks milk
--------->b. Week 2: Open eyes, start to hear, still inside the den, drinks milk
--------->c. Week 3: Learning how to walk and talk, drinks milk
---------> d. Week 4: Exits den and plays outside with other pups, drinks milk
--------->e. Week 5: Eats meat, develops skills

Fighting Rules

1. No ganging up on a single character. However, if that character is trespassing or being pursued by a group, then it is acceptable.

2. Again, no powerplaying/god-modding is allowed. You are allowed to claim that you hit an opponent or designate where your character is striking, but it is up to the responding player to decide if they get hit. Your character in response cannot be invincible (or super strong, super fast). Your character also cannot dodge everything.
         a. Alphas - To a degree, they are allowed more leniency in combat. This is because they are generally the strongest of their pack.

3. Your posts must still be descriptive, even though the character is in a fight.

4. Again, you may not kill another player's character without their permission.


1. You are not allowed to change other AM's pack pages or touch the site pages without permission. You can only change pages that are your own. If you are found to be changing anything without notification, there will be consequences.

2. There will be no banning or terminating of members without my permission. If the member is spamming the boards, posting inappropriate material, or disturbing the site, then report it to me and delete all everything that the member has posted. I will take care of them.

3. In order to keep your pack, you must keep your pages updated and your packs active.

4. Do not allow anyone into the site. Only I can let someone in.

5. You must be respectful to both me, your fellow managers, and the members. If I find that you are causing problems, you will be faced with serious consequences.

Thank you for reading our rules. You now have an understanding of what is expected here, and you are required to acknowledge that you have read and evaluated the rules on the Rules Response Thread. If you have any questions to the rules, you are free to post on this board or PM one of the managers. If you have further rules about roleplay, please refer to the FAQ Tab located at the top of the page. We hope that you enjoy your time here on FNI.

(c) Fire and Ice Wolf Packs, 2006-2012
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