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 Mating Board Rules

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PostSubject: Mating Board Rules   Mon Aug 26, 2013 4:12 pm

1. Force breeding is allowed, but males are the only ones that can do it.

2. You are allowed to write descriptive breeding, but you must do so on the Mate Search Board. The title must be indicated as "closed", "graphic", or "M". This is for those who do not care for the description and for our younger members.

3. Males can only mate with females, and females can only mate with males, as mentioned above.

4. Canids are allowed to interbreed, but foxes must stay with foxes. Their genealogy would not allow otherwise, and we want to remain realistic.

5. Females can be in heat for up to two weeks in real time, if that is what you want. That is also the maximum.

6. Pregnant wolves are pregnant for two weeks in real time, unless you would like to extend it longer. Two weeks is the minimum.

7. Whelp growth stages are as follows:
--------->a. Week 1: Blind and deaf, wiggling, squirming in the den, drinks milk
--------->b. Week 2: Open eyes, start to hear, still inside the den, drinks milk
--------->c. Week 3: Learning how to walk and talk, drinks milk
---------> d. Week 4: Exits den and plays outside with other pups, drinks milk
--------->e. Week 5: Eats meat, develops skills
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Mating Board Rules
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