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 Straight out of hell...Bhaal!

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Straight out of hell...Bhaal! Empty
PostSubject: Straight out of hell...Bhaal!   Straight out of hell...Bhaal! Icon_minitimeWed Feb 09, 2011 4:23 pm

Straight out of hell...Bhaal! Bhaalfinished

.General Information.
Formal Curse: Bhaal
Means: No specific meaning
Title[s]: Blood
Alias: /
Decent: Artic (probably crossed with timber wolf)
Age: 8
Gender: male
Persona: A dark presence, Bhaal looks like hell incarnate, most who look upon him, fear him, those who do not are either exceptionaly brave,ignorant or stupid. Where other wolves might take a less direct aproach, Bhaal always goes
straight on, negating social manners and such. It's quite clearly he doesn't fits well into packs, or he would have to be one's leader. But he isn't ambitious enugh. If he had, he would probably done long ago. Impulsive, he can be from stone-cold and angry to nice and gentle. He quickly gets irritated if one does not answers his aquestions as direct as he posed them, and he has a snes for lies. Bhaal is a killer, wolves who oppose him, or just have straight bad luck by getting on the wrong place at the wrong time, mostly die a brutal death, as a littre or two of blood doesn't matters to Bhaal, he even enjoys his bloody work... His only true weakness are femmes, the only ones who can somehow manipulate him, for acting out petty revenges etc. A "petty" reveng for Bhaal is ,at least , a bloody gap or bite. Bhaal isn't one of the smartest, but as he always says : "If your'e not smart you have to be strong...or something like that..."
Heart: Dark (He's a killer on the loose!)
Motto: "Ever wondered why your parents forbid you to go outside at night? Your about to find out"

.Physical Traits.
Peltage Hue: Dark grey, with springs of black highlited with even deeper black.
Occular Hue: Dark brown, it almost looks like he has no eyes
Stands: 51..yes he's big I know
Weighs: 115 kg's
Form: Just you more-than-average black mass of muscle and hair
Physical Distortions: lots of scars, some more visible then others
.Family Tree.
Sire: Glacier (deceased)
Dame: Icetorn
(Half)Brothers: Congen,an other where he don't knows off
Sisters: nah, or he doesn't knows
Partner: nah, I duobt he is even intrested. (At the moment)
Whelps: nah
Challengers: none
Minions: none
Rank: Random killarh!!! (just joking^^....Or not)
Life Story: As Bhaal was seen as a threat by his father, as he couldn't keep him under control, as Bhaal's bloodlust and sheer raw force became bigger. One day, after a particulary good hunt, a younger wolf tries to steal a piece from Bhaal's meal. This triggers an 3-day rampage that slew 4 adult wolves and a pup, before being halted by Glacier, Bhaal's father. Then he is banned from the pack. He had wandered the lone lands for now, but lately the need to kill has risen again.

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Straight out of hell...Bhaal!
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