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 Aven's story

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PostSubject: Aven's story   Thu Jun 26, 2014 11:29 pm


Formal Name: Aven
Alias/Nickname: She hates nicknames
Breed: descended from red wolves
Age: thirty-six moons
Sex: female
Personality: Aven is harsh and distant to most wolves but fiercely loyal to those close to her. Aven is afraid to form close attachments because she doesn't want to be hurt again.She doesn't hate or love fighting but will fight for what is right until her last breath
Motto: "Strenth saved me. Feelings didn't."

Physical Traits
Coat Color: reddish brown and tinged with gray and black. Her tail tip is black and her under belly is pale reddish.
Eye Color: Amber like the tree sap in the forest of her birth
Height: 26 inches at the shoulder
Weight:59 lbs
Body Form: lean and muscular. good for running. she is also very agile
Physical Distortions/Scars: A scar from when a wolf bit her leg and broke it

Family Tree
Partner: She is distant from most wolves
Pack Rank: she's a loner

Life Story: Aven was born in the lone lands and raised by her mother. Her mother was very caring and tried her hardest to protect Aven and her sibilings, but she was not very good at hunting or fighting. She mostly scavenged for food or begging, bringing home a few scraps that could barely feed them. One of Aven's sisters was killed in a skirmish over a caribou carcass and her family barely managed to escape. her mother was horrible injured and couldn't move with out howling in pain which would attract stronger loners. in the middle of the night she died, leaving Aven and her brother Eden to fend for them selves. they were young and weak, unable to catch or scavenge prey well. one day, Eden started hallucinating and cried out for her to kill him because he couldn't take it any more. Aven cried, but knew it would end his suffering. She slew him with tears in her eyes and ran away into the woods, away from her darker memories and dead brother. Alone it was easier to sneak around and steal prey. She also learned to hunt by copying other rogues. she swiftly learned the only way to survive was to be strong and she killed many wolves who threatened her or dared to attack her. She became tough and unfeeling, a machine whose only goal was to survive. She remained that way until she was defeated by an older wolf whose name was Sader. He taught her to feel and to care for other wolves again and they traveled together for along time until one morning she awoke and he had disappeared she tried finding his scent but it was blown away in the wind. She became afraid to form friendships or love. she wandered the lone lands alone drifting into clans just to leave soon.
Place of Birth: A forest on the edge of the lone lands
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Aven's story
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