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 The Roman Midnight Wolf Clan

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PostSubject: The Roman Midnight Wolf Clan   Tue Aug 11, 2009 3:56 am

[| General Information |]
Name: Cira
Pronunciation: See-rah
Name Meaning: None
Alias: None, her name is quite short
Gender: Female
Breed: Roman Midnight
Current Age: 3 years
Pack: Muerta Mountains
Rank: Spy
Personality: She is calm and easygoing, though she is not trusting of everyone, and she is shy and at times a little edgy if she's feeling unsure in a situation. However, by nature she is a very caring wolf and would likely aid anyone that was in need. In times of danger she can be just as ferocious as anyone, and she is highly protective of those close to her, especially kin and certain packmates.

[| Physical Features |]
Eye Coloration
: Blue-white. They can turn neon red at will or when angered.
Pelt Coloration: White with a black muzzle, ears, paws and tail-tip.
Height: 50"
Weight: 130 lbs
Scars/Markings: None
Form: She is tall and well-built, though she is more agile than brute strength.

[| Family/Social Circle |]
Dame: Curse
Sire: Pricha
Brothers: Archilles, Harmawganis
Sisters: None
Other Family: She is related to most Midnight wolves (Herrick, Harmawganis, Gladiator)
Interest: She currently has no interest in anyone
Courted By/Courting: None
Mate: She has only mated with one wolf, her cousin Herrick, though she is waiting for a proper mate. She does not let others know of this, however, and tells anyone who asks that she was r.aped.
Pups: Dracul, Aditi and Icarus

[| History |]
Past Injuries / Illnesses: None
Biography: She was born in Muerta Mountains, where she grew up with her parents and extended family. She had a few siblings and many cousins, though she was closest with Herrick and Harmi. Especially Herrick though. When most of the Midnight's went missing, she and her cousin went off on their own to train and increase all of their skills. Herrick especially wished for her to improve, as she was one of the weakest out of every Midnight litter produced, and he worried for her safety, as well as the future of the Midnight breed, since she was one of the only female's left that he knew about. Cira followed him because he was strong, and the only family she had left when everyone else disappeared. She even believed him when he claimed himself as King of the Midnight clan, and allowed him to mate with her to continue the clan's bloodline. She never thought it was a mistake, but she still feels ashamed for the whelps she has produced, and once reunited with the pack and Harmi, she wished that she had waited for a more proper mate than her own cousin. Still, she raises her pups with care. She also took in Lord Damean Jager's pups when they were in need, and helped raise them and keep them alive. During that time they became somewhat her own, and she still feels attached to them. Now she continues to raise and train her own whelps, waiting for the perfect wolf to come along as her mate...

Played By: Shadowed-Eclipse


[| General Information |]
Pronunciation: Ick-ah-ruhs
Name Meaning: Follower
Alias: None have been determined thus far
Gender: Male
Breed: Roman Midnight
Current Age: 1 year
Pack: Muerta Mountains
Rank: In training
Personality: Icarus is very stubborn by nature, and always keeps his temper unlidded. He has a proud nature, and would never admit to any weaknesses, not even to himself, no matter what. He is unlikely to get along with others, and is quite solitary by nature, somewhat uncaring towards others, even his siblings and mother. He longs for a powerful status, and wishes to do anything to get it.

[| Physical Features |]
Eye Coloration: A dull grey-green. Hasn't mastered the colour-change.
Pelt Coloration: Pure ivory with red highlights, black maw, ears, paws and tailtip
Height: 45"
Weight: 130 lbs
Scars/Markings: He has acquired a few, for his uncle Herrick was not very soft with him during training. He has also gained some in his first battle upon his shoulder and face.
Form: He is tall and lean, like many of his breed. He is agile and strong, a nice mixture of balance.

[| Family/Social Circle |]
Dame: Cira
Sire: Herrick
Brothers: Dracul
Sisters: Aditi
Other Family: He is related to most Midnight wolves in some way.
Interest: He is rather anti-social, and does not take interest in such things.
Courted By/Courting: None, he does not wish for a courting.
Mate: He does not want to fall in love or get involved with such weak and wasteful things.
Pups: None, he hates them.

[| History |]
Past Injuries / Illnesses: Only the injuries of training and battle.
Biography: He was raised for a short time within Muerta Mountains, nursing alongside Damean Jager's newborn whelps. But at the age of four months, he, his siblings and his mother were taken away by Herrick for some extreme training. His uncle, however, was not the greatest of teachers for his patience was thin and his own skills somewhat lacking. Despite this, Icarus trained as hard as he could, wishing to become greater than anyone in his family. While he could take on his uncle, he soon learned that both of his siblings had surpassed him in their training. At the age of one, he has returned to Muerta with his mother and sister, feeling only hatred and envy for the both of them.

Played By: Shadowed-Eclipse


[| General Information |]
Name: Aditi
Pronunciation: Ah-dee-tee
Name Meaning: Freedom, security, boundless and entire
Alias: None have been determined yet, though her name is quite short
Gender: Female
Breed: Roman Midnight
Current Age: 1 year
Pack: Muerta Mountains
Rank: Assassin-in-training
Personality: Aditi is calm and calculating, never allowing her emotions to get the best of her. She has learned better by watching the actions of her brother Icarus, as he got himself into trouble time and time again from his foolishness. She has obtained the mind of an assassin, by remaining an observer and a thinker; she can easily pick out things about others, and come up with strategies in battle quickly. She can be cold and ruthless, and this appears to be her overall nature, but does have a heart, inherited from her caring mother. She loves her mother dearly, and cares for her bigger brother, Dracul, and would do anything to protect or help them, though she knows her brother does not need it. She even feels protectiveness for her smaller brother Icarus, even if all he does is get on her nerves. She would not allow him to die to the fangs of another.

[| Physical Features |]
Eye Coloration: Blue-white. She has also mastered the colour-change to neon red at will.
Pelt Coloration: Dark mohagany with streaks of black and white.
Height: 57"
Weight: 140 lbs
Scars/Markings: She has managed to avoid obtaining any scars thus far.
Form: She has grown tall and built, her towering frame an excellent mixture of strength and agility.

[| Family/Social Circle |]
: Cira
Sire: Herrick
Brothers: Dracul and Icarus
Sisters: None
Other Family: She is related to most Midnight wolves
Interest: Nobody has caught her eye as of yet.
Courted By/Courting: She has seen none that are worth approaching, nor have any come to her.
Mate: None, she is not really interested right now.
Pups: None, she will wait for a proper, worthy mate.

[| History |]
Past Injuries / Illnesses
: None
Biography: See Icarus' history, for it is basically the same.

Played By: Shadowed-Eclipse


[| General Information |]
: Herrick
Pronunciation: He-rri-ck
Name Meaning: War ruler.
Alias: He has none.
Gender: Male
Breed: Roman Midnight
Current Age: 3 years
Pack: None
Rank: Rogue
Personality: Herrick tends to be very shallow, self-absorbed and careless towards others. He would prefer to do his own thing, and do those things that benefit him and only him. He is a complete loner at heart, and isolates himself frequently from the world, even his dear cousin Cira, as well as the pack he was born to and once lived amongst. He is full of himself, headstrong and often gets into trouble with others because of that. However, this is one of his biggest reasons for staying distant from others, for he believes he should be treated with great respect, though never receives it.

[| Physical Features |]
Eye Coloration: A dull grey-green. He, like all other Midnights, has the ability to change eye colour to neon red at will, and when angered.
Pelt Coloration: Dark brown with mahogany streaks.
Height: 47"
Weight: 130 lbs
Scars/Markings: He has several scars scattered throughout his pelt, but has done a fair job at avoiding many others.
Form: He is tall and lean, making for an agile frame though he is not very strong, despite his size.

[| Family/Social Circle |]
: Deadly Sins
Sire: Unknown
Brothers: Omisis
Sisters: Beauty
Other Family: He is related to most Midnight wolves (Cira, Icarus, Aditi, Dracul, Gladiator, etc)
Interest: He currently is not interested in any female.
Courted By/Courting: He is not courting any, nor have any sought to court him.
Mate: None, though he had previously mated with his cousin Cira. This is a secret they keep between themselves, the story being that Cira was 'r.aped' by an unknown wolf while Herrick was away hunting.
Pups: Dracul, Icarus and Aditi. He does not admit this out loud, as it is to be kept a secret between he and his cousin. The relationship he claims to the pups is 'uncle'.

[| History |]
Past Injuries / Illnesses
: A few, nothing serious.
Biography: Similar history to Cira, as he has always been close to her after their Clan disappeared from the lands. Although, for a short time he did reside in Jabbar Junayd without his cousin. That was short-lived, and he was soon exiled from the pack for outrageous behaviour. Today, he does not roam with Muerta Mountains, or any pack. He prefers to stay secluded in the Lone Lands, and sees wolves only when they come to him.

Played By: Shadowed-Eclipse
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The Roman Midnight Wolf Clan
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