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 Lonely Raven

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PostSubject: Lonely Raven   Lonely Raven Icon_minitimeWed Feb 23, 2011 1:43 am

Dark eyes flashed, head tilting in a bird-like fashion as the jet black hessian surveyed the lands around him, at the same time keeping an eye on the ground below him. His long, obsidian mane shook as he craned his neck this way and that, always alert. His ears stood tall, and he made the best of all of his senses, especially those that his feathery friends could not compare with, so that they balanced each other perfectly. No danger could catch them off-guard. The bru looked to the sky, glimpsing a raven briefly before looking down again. He was following her lead, as he was accustomed to doing. The raven would show him to food and shelter, and he would hunt for and protect his friend; it was a comfortable little circle of life, and he enjoyed his peaceful wanderings. A second raven rested soundly upon his back, its beady black eyes closed; he had grown so used to the birds' talons that he did not feel them digging into his skin now. And he had certainly grown used to a lifestyle much different than was natural for his kind, though the loneliness of it all seemed to catch up to him more often these days..
He paused by the side of a river, and bent his neck down to lap at the water. They had been traveling for some time now with little rest, a necessary practice when one was in search of food. But his paws ached for rest, and deep down, his heart and soul ached for company of his own kind. He moved away from the river and drew closer to the treeline, and it was not long before the ground under his paws felt dry; he flopped down, with no desire to move forward at the moment. He nosed Selaks, the raven resting on his back, and howled to Tarkah, the raven who circled in the sky. Curling himself, he allowed his friends to get comfortable beside him, the three of them sharing their warmth. He shivered slightly, though. This season was growing harsher by the day, and he wasn't sure of his ability to survive it. His pelt did not grow thick like most wolves, instead remaining short and close to his body, with little to protect him from the weather.
Huffing, he curled himself tighter, ignoring the protests from the ravens as they were forced to readjust themselves. The birds were soon dozing, but Tok could not get comfortable. He lifted his head, scanning the environment. Nothing seemed appealing, nothing caught his interest. It was just boring and lonely, all of it. Yet, when he looked upon his companions, he smiled, then looked away yet again. His body demanded rest, yet inside he was restless. He grumbled to himself. Then, instinctively, he tilted his maw to the skies and let loose a howl, the song of the lonely wolf. The ravens started out of their sleep and looked at him curiously, wondering why he sang. They were of different species, and did not understand Tok's nature to the fullest, even though they had raised him as a pup. And he didn't always understand them either, but they were so dependant upon each other that they put their differences aside. Now, Tok lay his head back down, feeling sullen and empty, hoping that he might come across something that would fill the gap.
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Lonely Raven
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