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 Welcome to Tirisfal

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PostSubject: Welcome to Tirisfal   Wed Jan 14, 2009 11:55 am

Tirisfal Valley

Do you seek forgiveness, or a life of tolerance and honor? Then we welcome you to the home of the virtuous and the noble.

The Report:

From Shadowed-Eclipse: Congratulations to us all for making the decision to move our beloved group here! Now I welcome you to our new home, and invite you to join in the fun ^.^
We are in need of new members to ensure that the light will prevail against darkness!

From Silent Snowfall: Many things are on my mind as of late, for there are so many responsibilities to this pack. Robin and Ali's pups are a great addition to our family, and their upbringing is of upmost importance. So is their safety, as well as the safety of the entire pack, for which I worry constantly. This, in turn, gives way to the worries of war. Muerta threatens us constantly, harming our wolves, taking lives, and they do it all without thought of the consequences. For their actions, there shall be heavy punishment; they will not get away with it. To top off my worries, I am coming into season very soon. Yes, I have decided upon my mate, but I wonder constantly if this is the right time to bring a family into the world, with all that is going on...


New Members: Malik, Alexandrine and Tobias

Ranks Given: Robin and Alaina have recently received the ranks of Delta Male and Female

New Courtships: Silent Snowfall has recently spoken with Nuri about her wants and feelings...

New Mates: None to be announced, but that may change soon

Recent Births: The Delta's litter - Jewel, Robin Jr. and Zeff

Those Missing: Daemyn, and many others

The Departed: Miliani

honor and glory
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Welcome to Tirisfal
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