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 The Freak Show : ruffian's wolves

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The Freak Show : ruffian's wolves  Wolf_m11

Title : Leader of Assassins (past)
Birth name : Unknown
Current calling : Kali
Meaning : "The Black One"
Breed : Timber x European
Age : Four years, three months
Gender : Female
Personality: Kali is a really reserved wolf. The femme tends to speak a lot less than other wolves, as she really doesn't like to talk. She is also am anxious wolf, and tends to have a lot of nervous habits, like pacing. However, she is adaptable, considering she survived a forest fire and made a new life for herself afterward. Kali has a lot of good leadership traits, however. She is very observant of those around her, and determined to do what is right in her book. This is due to her having to take the Head Assassin role so young when she was part of The League. However, when Kali snaps, she should not get close. She gets extremely aggressive and can take an argument to a fight in a matter of seconds. She is also emotional, which can be good and bad in its own way. Lastly, she is more loyal than any. Even with her flaws, her heart is always for the pack, rather than herself.
Alignment : Lawful Evil
Motto : "Less talk, more action."
Voice : "Garnet" from Steven Universe

Coat Color : Her coat is a brown color that has a lot of orange tint. She has a white muzzle, cheeks, neck, and chest.
Eye color : Light brown
Weight : 70 pounds
Height : 2.5 feet at shoulder
Body Form : Even though she is average sized, she has a stocky build.
Physical Distortions/Scars : Her left ear has a couple scars. Kali has some on her left cheek. Currently, she has a few infected scars from her fall on her flank and shoulders that will more than likely cause permanent scarring.

Partner : None
Whelps : None
Acquaintances :
Friends :
Close friends :
Hates :
Enemies :
Pack : Hopefully Sacrifice Forest
Pack Rank : None 
Birth Place : An island pretty far away

Life Story
Born under a wolf by the name of Urga, Kali was the only whelp to survive out of her two other siblings. Due to the stress that Urga was placed under when she was carrying her pups, being the beta female, it was too much for her body to care for the other whelps. Her mate Remus considered Kali, who was unnamed, to be a blessing, hoping that she would be the sign that the war would end. However, it did not. Only a few days after birth, the pack was invaded. There was no life that was sparred. Urga and Remus were gravely injured. Knowing that his brother, Romulus, was part of a guild not far from their home, they ran away, taking Kali with them. When they reached the guild, they were greeted by The League's leader, Ra's. They begged for him to take her and raise her, knowing she would die without help. Finally, Ra's agreed, right before her parents died in their own blood.
She was put under the care of a wolf that had two whelps, named Po and Thrash. The female wolf named the whelp she took in Kali. Kali, Po, and Thrash actually became really close siblings, and played together. They also played with another whelp named Aiden. Aiden wasn't too keen on Kali at first, but grew to be best friends with her. Once they were old enough, they became trainees. Po had always had the interest in being healer, while Kali, Thrash, and Aiden went toward the combat rankings.  Ra's was Kali's mentor, and they had grown to be like a father and daughter to one another. Kali and Aiden were always working together to enhance their skills, and talked about Aiden being the leader and Kali being the second-in-command one day. Once they were one year and two months, they were official members of the pack, ranked at the beginning rank of Guardian. As Kali and Aiden climbed the ranks, they began to have feelings for each other. However they never ended up telling one another. Once they got to the rank up after warrior at age two, they had the option of moving up to Assassin or Senior Warrior. This is where they had to split from one another: Kali went to Assassin, while Aiden went to Senior Warrior. Due to their different ranks, they never got to see one another but only a handful of times. One day, when she was two years and four months, the head of the assassin unexpected died. Ra's wasn't sure who to rank up for the head position. Going to the prey pile, which was empty due to it ruining, there was a single mouse in the middle of the area. It was a bright orange-brown color. He knew that this was a sign that Kali was to be the new head of assassins, even with her lack of training. He declared that she would be the head of the assassins. Kali was shocked, while others disagreed. He pointed out the mouse, calling that there was a prophecy that proved he was right. The pack finally agreed, rushing to congratulate the new head assassin. The last wolf to come up to Kali was Aiden. He could only speak for a minute before he had to go on with his duties, except a burning pit of jealousy was rising in his throat.
When her third year of life came around, a lot had happened. Aiden was now the head of the Warriors, when the previous head was "mysteriously killed". Thrash had been killed in a small fight against some intruding bears, and Po had moved up to be a Shaman. She had gotten use to being the Head of the Assassins. The wolves of the pack had also began to call her "The Leader of Assassins", due to her quick bound to the top, and her excellent skills.
One day, the second-in-command had told Ra's he was retiring from his rank, due to his worsening eyesight. Once he stepped down, Ra's needed a new second-in-command. The sunset that day was a bright orange color, unlike any that he had seen in his life. He knew it was another sign. He called his pack over, before asking Po if this could be another prophecy. Po declared after observing that it was: Kali was to be the new second-in-command. Every wolf howled in excitement, and prepared to feast the next day, as they believed that Kali was a "prophecy coming from outside the pack".
Aiden was furious. He believed that he should be leader of the pack, and wanted to kill Kali to claim her position. He went a small distance away from their homeland to where a man was camping in the woods, having found the island while moving along the sea. He taunted at the man, causing him to fall with the flame of his lantern lighting a bush on fire. It had been a dry summer, so the flames grew quickly, heading toward the pack. He raced in the den of the pack, saying to get everyone out and toward the shore. However, the flames were too quick. As much as Kali tried to get the wolves out, most, if not all, died in the flames. She had no choice but to go to safety. She went to the shore, the fire closing in. She took some bark that had not burned and put it in the water hoping to use it to float away. As she turned to look at the fire before her departure, Aiden came up and lashed against her cheek, causing her to fall to the ground. He planned to kill her and make his escape. However, Ra's came up and saved Kali from certain death. He told Kali to go. The bark was already out at sea, so she had no choice but to swim out to it. She could hear Ra's yelling for her to keep going, before she could no longer hear. She didn't know if it was the distance, or the flames had reached him. Exhausted, she made it to the bark, traversing the sea for many days. She was hungry, and had to depend on the salt water for her thirst. But, one day, she made land in the land of Fire and Ice.
She joined the pack Jabbar Junyard on a pretty bad note. Not really knowing where she was in her life, she wasn't sure who to trust. She couldn't even look at the other wolves in the eyes, which was a habit she had all her life. During a hunt, she even couldn't make it out of  bushes. Distraught, she couldn't see herself being useful in the pack. She loved the pack dearly with the time she spent in the pack. However, Kali thought that she was a nuisance. She left before receiving an official rank. Kali wandered around the lone lands. When it was nighttime, many, many months later after she left, she couldn't see that far ahead of her, as she fell of the side of a ledge. She fell a great length before being knocked out.
Waking up during the sunrise the next day, she was found by a wolf named Thaan. He was just making sure that she would be okay, before he had to run. When he left, she made a horrible discovery: she forgot where she was. She didn't know what she should do. Kali couldn't remember who she was or what her name was. However, she was drawn somewhere. There was a foggy forest that laid in the distance, crystal clear before her. Even in the rough shaped that it looked, she was drawn to it. Kali wasn't honestly sure why she was so attracted to it, but she went with her instincts, since that was the only thing she had.

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The Freak Show : ruffian's wolves
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