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 Rawbones' Profile

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PostSubject: Rawbones' Profile   Sun Nov 07, 2010 10:17 pm

X.General Information.X
Formal Curse: Rawbones
Title[s]: None.
Alias: None.
Decent: Timber Wolf
Age: 10 years.
Gender: Male.
Persona: Rawbones is a very dominant, cold-hearted wolf, as well as quite twisted and sadistic. Despite this, he can be very loving or friendly towards those that he knows, though it takes him a lot of time to get used to new wolves, and his heart does not go out to just anyone. It takes a lot to really get him angry, though once irritated his temper can soar rapidly to a state of almost blind, rabid anger. As he is aging, he tends to be very ill-mannered and cranky at times, and may seem rude or unfriendly even when he does not mean it. He has little patience for young wolves that cannot hold their tongue or act like mature adults. He cannot stand wolves that throw their weight around, or let words spout from their mouth as if they had not an ounce of intelligence. In the back of his mind he thinks himself slightly invincible, as he has faced death head on many times, and yet pulled through each and every time, though he would never let anyone know he is so foolish to actually believe that he cannot be killed.
Heart: Rawbones is dark at heart, and his mind is tainted by pain, loss, hatred and rabies. He does not have rabies any longer, but he did in his youth, though with the help of human interference he managed to pull through.
Motto: He has none.

X.Physical Traits.X
Peltage Hue:
Brown with patches of white and black, as well as a small tint of gray around his muzzle, possibly the only sign of his age.
Occualr Hue: Silver, lifeless voids that tell of a lifetime of pain and loss.
Stands: He stands 40" at the withers, a total of 44" at the top of his ears.
Weighs: He weighs only 121 lbs.
Form: Rawbones is old and scrawny-looking, with a long, narrow neck, ribs and spine often peaking through his unkempt pelt, and a long, ragged tail. However, he is well-muscled in the legs, and takes pride in keeping himself in top shape.
Physical Distortions: This scruffy elder is marred by many battle-wounds, all of which he wears with pride. Many of the scars on his face and back never grew hair again, making his pelt uneven and shabby in places.

X.Family Tree.X
Sire: Bloodfang.
Dame: Blueblood.
Brothers: None.
Sisters: Blue Starfang.
Partner: Rawbones has had many different love interests, all for their own unique reasons. Katell, whom he was madly in love with, was sharp and witty, and he pursued her until he was able to call her his mate. However, she would disappear frequently, and on those occassions, Rawbones would turn to his good friend Shadow for support, who was also a beautiful temptress. When Katell disappeared for the final time, Rawbones longed for her desperately, and Shadow was able to fill the void in his heart during that time. His feelings were never reciprocated by her, but he still stood by her side, especially when she gave birth to her two whelps, Lex and Wicked Prayer. He felt as though the pups were his own at the time, though they belonged to Azazeal, the pack's alpha. As time passed, Shadow found herself with other brutes of interest, and Rawbones was left in the background of things. When Prayer matured, Rawbones leaned heavily on her when her mother was absent, but again, he was not the center of interest, and was cast to the back burner. When they disappeared, the aging brute was alone and journeying for the mostpart, until he returned to Jabbar Junayd, at which time he met Jaded. It was not long before he fell for her charming nature, but alas, she was yet another femme that he simply could not have, for she was mated to and in love with Damean Jagger, his King. Thus, he is alone.
Whelps: He has never bred with any female, though he considered Lex and Wicked Prayer to be his own. He does not find it strange that he later found interest in Prayer.
Challengers: Tristan. Sawyer?
Minions: He has none.
Rank: He is just an elder now, though he likes to take the lead at times.

Life Story:
Rawbones was born into the pack of Twisted Desires, of Blueblood and Bloodfang. His father abandoned the family long before he and his sisters were born, so he never knew the coward. He had a relatively normal upbringing, raised by his strong mother and tight-knit pack. He lost one sister to the cold of the mountain when he was still very young, and does not even remember his name. And he nearly died himself when he left the den too early in the harsh mid-winter, losing himself in the snow and falling unconscious, quickly buried by blizzard-like snowfall. He had been lucky enough that a packmate was passing and happened to stumble over him, otherwise he would have been dead within the hour.

As a yearling, a rabies outbreak struck the pack and the surrounding lands, and many wolves became infected. It was a difficult time, and the Alphaess had to make the cold-hearted decision to immediately kill off any wolves who became infected with the virus. Soon, things seemed to be under control, but Rawbones was bitten by a stray coyote. He didn't tell anybody, but it was not long before the pack knew of his predicament. The young male began lashing out at packmates in a manner beyond his control; he killed his own mother, and started attacking others. Before the pack could kill him, the loud, racious noise of helicopters filled the air, and the pack scattered; however, all ended up darted and taken away, including Rawbones. It felt like moons went by as Rawbones stayed confined in a little cage and was poked and prodded with needles and strange objects daily.

At last he was transported back to his home, freed of his disease, though when he returned, he realized that there was nothing but devastation to return to. Most of the pack had not been returned, and his mother was dead. What was worse, a small, slinky little wolf had appeared, asking about Blueblood, asking what had happened. It took only moments for Rawbones to put two and two together - this wolf was Bloodfang, his father. Without hesitation, Rawbones charged the cowardly male and ripped his throat out for betraying his family. After that, he took his leave, and found himself roaming for years until he came to the lands of Apocalypse forest, where his life was changed entirely...

Place of Birth: He was born in Twisted Desires, a dark pack reigning on a harsh and dangerous mountain terra.

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Rawbones' Profile
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